February 16, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

It's been pretty quiet these days, as our corner of space becomes more and more active with blues. PVP is harder to come by; I mean you can go to Fountain Core and play undocking games with Panda Team or whats left of SOT if you want. What I mean is the good fights are harder to come by.

Thanks to all of you who voted on my "Do you feel bad for Goonswarm" poll. Overwhelming responses to no and heo no. Not a single yes.

Last night I got my first taste of blood in a few days. I was ratting in Delve when one of our pilots who had been scanning in a cov ops 12 jumps away announced he had found a ratter in a Raven. Having no point I told him to follow the ratter, who apparently had no problem going about his business with a neutral in system. There was a friendly ratter in a Tempest in system as well-I told him to get out and stay out.

A few of us started burning towards the destination system praying that the guy wouldn't get wise and leave. He didn't. The order was for everyone to hold one out and I would warp in and get the tackle (as I was in  Tengu and could stay cloaked up until landing--too late for him). We had a Sabre and Abbadon buring towards the destination as well. I was 2j out when I heard an oops. The Sabre somehow had his destination incorrect and jumped into the system. Furious, I yelled at him to warp to the cov ops and drop a bubble. Too late. The ratter finally woke up and warped to a safe. Our trap had failed.

I vented for a minute and told everyone to GTFO of system. Dropping probes I scanned him down in about a minute. Warping to his location I sighed in dissapointment as he wasn't there. Smart guy was bouncing safes. I scanned again and got another 100% hit. Warping to the sig you can imagine my surprise when there he was... in the belt again ratting. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. This was less than 5 minutes after we had tried to gank him. At this point he deserved to die for being stupid. I dropped cloak and within 5 seconds had him pointed. I called for everyone to jump in and warp to me. He locked me up and started hitting me with EM cruise. I laughed as he was doing 60 per volley, which barely scratched my shields. We held him until everyone was on the mail and popped that Raven. It was a very... interesting fit. We also got his pod.

Sad when a kill like that satisfies me. As for the rest of the night it was back to ratting and making iskies. Right now we are building up wallets and sov before we deploy for our next campaign. It won't be too long now before we are wading through corpses and amniotic fluids once more. I figure I should enjoy this peaceful time, but all I can think about is getting out there and curb stomping some fools. All in good time.

That is all.

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