February 2, 2010

When the Hunter becomes the Hunted

Last night was fairly uneventful up until close to downtime. Running a little short on ISK, I decided to dedicate a night to carebearing. Ratting it up in Y-2, I was making 10 mill a tick (not too shabby). This was also getting my security status up (I am now -1.9) so I could go back and gank people in high sec. So here I was, running logistics with my alt and ratting on my main, when Casebolt asked me to scout his new toy to NOL and then to Y-2.

Last week I bought a Sleipnir for Case on firesale for 160 mill. He paid me back and it was now time to get it up and running. I grabbed my Manticore and Case hopped in a shuttle and we flew down to a station 20j out of Y-2. Passing a few reds on the way down, we encountered no problems. Case grabbed the Sleipnir and we started back. Passing through 319- was a little bit of a pucker moment, as Goons have taken up residence in there. We made it through succesfully, however, and he docked up in NOL to fit his new toy. A Goon Buzzard cloaked up off the station, presumably to scout the exit for the two Goons docked up inside. Unfortunately, the bubble anchored at the undock along with the Brutix sitting outside with drones out pretty much screwed our chances of catching a Goon trying to escape. So we started rolling back to Y-2.

Two jumps out I jumped into a system with none other than Kirtan Loor. Kirtan was the Domi toon that worked in tandem with the Legion pilot that we lost 2 Drakes and a Harbinger to a week or so ago. We ended up popping his Domi but the Legion got away during that last pyrrhic victory of sorts. Kirtan was once again in a Domi, which was guaranteed to be nuet fitted with 3 plates in the lows. I yelled at Case to get off the gate, assuming the Legion would arrive shortly. The Dominix was just sitting there, so I smacked him in local a bit with no response. "The Legion pilot is local with me now" Case said. "I'm gonna lob an eff you bomb at this guy" I replied "Maybe he will jump through and you can get through and burn. Align to the gate". All of a sudden I hear Casebolt cursing, and the Dominix jumped through. Turns out he was sitting on the gate, and he didn't have T3 ships on his overview. The Legion was shooting at him before he realized something was wrong. Fail. He was able to burn to the gate and jump through, however, and we rolled to Y-2. I was pissed. He was pissed. These two (which I still think is one guy dual boxing) have been rolling around Fountain, and now Delve, without any hindrance. This was due largely to the fact that most of our combat assets are deployed for the Delve campaign.

So we formed up in Y-2. I grabbed a Scorp and tanked it up. I left 2 Gallente and 2 Amarr T2 jammers on with LSEs in the rest of the mids, and dropped 3 plates in the lows with a DC2. I also dropped the cruise launchers and fitted torp launchers with a couple neuts. Case grabbed a Geddon, Carson grabbed a Blackbird and Altair grabbed an uber tanked Drake with NOS and Neuts in the highs (weird but he wanted to try it). We also had a Blast guy in local who brought his own Dominix to the party.

Casebolt had his alt in a Buzzard looking for the guy and was almost ready to give up when they showed up, presumably on their way back. I had been arguing they would come back through because they had been staging out of Fountain. Sure enough they came into ZXB, which is a pipe that comes to Y-2. We stuck Altair in his uber tanked Drake on the gate and everyone aligned. The Dominix jumped through first and just sat there. Then the Legion jumped through and cloaked up. After a min or so the Dominix aggressed and we warped in. The moment we started landing on grid the Dominix started reapproaching gate, as Altair had him pointed. Despite webs he got back to 0 on the gate but stayed aggressed. Then the Legion decloaked and joined the party. I started getting jams off on the Dominix, finally, and the Legion was permajammed. We started neuting the crap out of the Legion, and Casebolt was assigning fighters from his alt at this point. The Dominix was going down when the Legion started burning away. Casebolt was just a little late on the web, and he got away in half armor. We lost our Blackbird pilot, but in exchange for the Dominix it was well worth it. The Legion pilot dissapeared, but not before I dropped a "Yall come back now ya hear" in local. He promptly responded with "I will". We're gonna get that Legion one of these days.

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I think we (ANZA) must have been just up the road from you in NOL at PR-. Got a few kills also just before downtime after some excellent scanning. Things will get interesting once the temp blues are reset.