February 4, 2010

Mopping up is a bore.

Not much exciting to write about at the moment. The past couple days have been spent hitting offline/abandoned towers in our corner of Delve. We've also been hitting the occasional TCU and iHub. Goons sudden departure has left a lot of work to do, taking down infrastructure and putting our own up. SoT is being a nuisance, organizing small gangs in Fountain (while most of our combat forces are deployed in Delve). I have consolidated most of my forces into the -MVN- staging area, out of Fountain, which took most of yesterday. With luck we will have more time for fighting as we lockdown our constellation. I encourage you all to take a look at the sov map, located at the bottom of my blog. Delve looks very blue :)

For those of you who have started reading my blog, I hope its been interesting reading. Feel free to leave comments, feedback, or your own view on life. If you are enjoying what you have been reading, please share your experiences with others. It would be greatly appreciated.



Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog! it's good to have someone in IT posting.

I do have to read it through an RSS reader though, the colours give me a headache. :-)

Latro said...

Yep, I read your blog regularly as well. Keep it up!! I do however must echo others as I have to read via RSS. The background is too much for my old eyes. Cheers.

Logan Fyreite said...

Love the background, even if it does make things more challenging! I will admit to reading it through RSS at work though :)

Mopping up sucks, but is worth it in the end. Hope that SoT stays around to give you all some good fights when things calm down again

Perseus Kallistratos said...

SOT doesn't usually stick around to fight, unfortunately. They tend to catch the unscouted and unaware, and once they see an incoming gang they all cloak up and scatter. We may head to Catch/Providence for fights. I plan on taking some of our better pilots there for Black Ops in a few weeks.