February 11, 2010

The Joy (and sorrow) of being an FC

Last night I took out a small gang (10-15 ships depending on the hour) and we roamed Delve and part of Fountain. There were no targets to speak of, except a small ex-Goon gang in NPC Delve. Those guys are like cockroaches and scatter once the light turns on. As soon as we leave they come back out and try to gank idiots. Unfortunately we lost a Damnation last night to that gang. For some reason he was traveling around un scouted with intel reports of that gang and their composition. Idiocracy.

Reflecting back to our roam up to Detroid a few nights ago I can see a change in my mental state when it comes to EVE. Rather than being the biggest whore when it comes to killmails, I am valuing the success of the gang now. Whether I get my crew out alive, and whether the gang is succesful on kills rather than my own individual stats. I often miss out on kills simply because I am planning the next step, scouting, or just not in an appropriate ship for the situation. More often than not I will fly a cloaking ship, whether it be a Tengu, Manticore, Falcon, or in large alliance POS bashes (50+) a Buzzard. This allows you to see the action and continue calling targets whereas if you are in a bc or bs there is the chance you will go down (if the enemy knows you are the FC this will be assured). You don't want to be floating in a station listening on comms as your fleet goes down because there is no head on the body of the fleet anymore.

My own personal fun comes in solo runs or 2-3 man gangs. I am finding the hunt is much more intense then, as the prey is the predator-more often than not he is hunting you at the same time. Blobbing is not on the table, tactics + fits + skills = success in those situations.

I'm finding that many of our pilots in -MVN- are out of practice. Instructions to hold on gates while scout is sniffing around system for targets are being ignored with lemming jumps, scattering the prey. Standard decloaking tactics with ceptors + bubbles are being ignored. Ships like HICs and DICs and ECM are severly undersupplied, whereas Amarr DPS boats are in abundance. One Falcon could ruin our day, and anything smaller than a Cruiser will get away without a bubbler. Its time to get back to the basics and refresh the older guys in corp. For the newer guys its time to slap them into shape.

I'm thinking of taking our next gang to Providence... Perhaps I will see some of you there.


Logan Fyreite said...

Provi seems to be a good place to keep everyone on their toes. FC's have to be on their game to avoid the often slow, BC heavy response gangs, using jump portals and titans, while still being fast enough to find and kill targets before response can arrive. Not to mention not getting lost in the provi "ring" or sections therein.

We (RK) have been having fun in Provi, or so I am told, I will be trying to get my share starting tomorrow, or maybe tonight with any luck, see you in Provi!

Kirith Kodachi said...

If you come to provi, I'll be sure to wave if I'm online. If you're looking for a fight, go to 2-TEG and camp there for 15 minutes. Paxton'll come get ya. ;)