February 24, 2010

Last Day of Vacation (for now)

Last day in low sec today. As many know, Stain Empire reset IT Alliance and we are deploying. My sec status was starting to take a hit anyways, so all is well. After being -10 and getting it back up... don't really want to do that again.

Its funny to read about bitter Atlas folks talking about how -MVN- always hung out in Yong while we were with their alliance. It has and always will be a select few (10-15 pilots) that pirate in low sec. The majority of -MVN- doesn't even like pirating. Lets be honest though, with 1 or 2 exception Atlas FCs sucked for anything but huge cap fights. Half the time they were drunk, and even sober they usually ended up suiciding the fleets. Unfortunately for Atlas caps are rarely used. Di-Tron was notorious for padding killboard stats with low sec kills, yet they whined the most. We're not even mean pirates. Take this poor bloke. He jumped in with a Sigil and we popped him. After that he came back in a noobship and we popped that. At that point he started chatting with Easley:

[03:01:55] Easley Thames > greetings
[03:02:03] USS Monopoly > hey man
[03:02:06] USS Monopoly > good fight
[03:02:17] USS Monopoly > can i make u a deal?
[03:02:18] Easley Thames > well if i'm honest it's just a gank
[03:02:25] Easley Thames > sure go ahead
[03:02:35] USS Monopoly > i know i shouldnt be in low sec. and ive just lost 2 ships
[03:02:50] USS Monopoly > is there any way i can get my stuff without getting pwnd?
[03:03:04] Easley Thames > me and my pals won't shoot you for the next 15 minutes
[03:03:08] Easley Thames > that's the best i can do
[03:03:15] USS Monopoly > ok thank you i appreciate that :)
[03:03:26] USS Monopoly > i might have to jump a few back to buy a new ship
[03:03:30] Easley Thames > you should know something
[03:03:35] USS Monopoly > ?
[03:03:37] Easley Thames > i looted the remaining good stuff
[03:03:45] Easley Thames > so it may not be worth your time
[03:03:57] USS Monopoly > u took my stuff?
[03:04:02] Easley Thames > of course
[03:04:07] Easley Thames > that's the only reason to shoot haulers
[03:04:14] USS Monopoly > can i buy it back from you?
[03:04:30] Easley Thames > yes but
[03:04:36] Easley Thames > as i meantioned not all of it lived in the explosion
[03:04:40] Easley Thames > when you die half blows up
[03:05:02] Easley Thames > you can have what's left on the wreck for free and if you want to buy the other loot that's negotiable
[03:05:17] USS Monopoly > what did u get?
[03:06:02] Easley Thames > 2x Caldari Navy Midshipman Insignia II Caldari Navy Midshipman Insgnia III
[03:06:07] Easley Thames > 3x concord soldier tag
[03:06:11] Easley Thames > 1x imp navy sergeant
[03:06:18] Easley Thames > 2x hardwiring (armor rep)
[03:06:21] Easley Thames > 1x adaptive plate
[03:06:26] Easley Thames > 2x meta 3 pulse
[03:06:35] Easley Thames > --- end ---
[03:06:58] USS Monopoly > did u get the tech 2 nanos?
[03:07:38] Easley Thames > no
[03:07:52] USS Monopoly > well can i buy those pulse lasers back?
[03:08:23] Easley Thames > alright
[03:08:39] Easley Thames > 1 mil each?
[03:08:44] USS Monopoly > sure
[03:09:19] Easley Thames > i can contract them in a few minutes
[03:09:29] USS Monopoly > actually nvm
[03:09:39] USS Monopoly > thx for not being a complete dick
[03:09:42] USS Monopoly > pz
[03:09:46] Easley Thames > cya

So this guy was zipping around when in local he added:

[03:22:53] USS Monopoly > hello again
[03:23:13] Easley Thames > 0/
[03:23:28] USS Monopoly > dammit u guys got me in a tough situation.... 3 more of my turrets are 3 systems past your barricade
[03:23:50] Easley Thames > i'm sympathetic, how about another deal
[03:24:01] USS Monopoly > thank you.
[03:24:24] Easley Thames > imparitors don't help much on the killboards anyway :P
[03:24:34] USS Monopoly > lol
[03:24:37] USS Monopoly > ill bet not
[03:24:45] Easley Thames > no gaurantes for other members of the corp, but i'll leave you alone for a little while, and PK here will try to restrain himself

So, it goes for the record, that we aren't complete jerks. Just semi-jerks. I'm sure Spectre would have continued shooting the noob till he quit EVE.

Today was uneventful in low sec. CVA brought a couple freighters through with a crappy escort, but with only me and one other Maverick active we let it go. Some fool in a stealth bomber aggressed me on gate... pop went his ship. I thanked him for the two bombs and covert ops cloak.

At that point it was time to head home. Fighting to be done and ratting to be done.

That is all.


Wensley said...

Now that's my style of piracy. No point griefing them out of the game. Otherwise you're not going to be able to kill them again when they have something worth taking!

Keeping an eye on this situation in the south. Pretty sure Stain Empire will happily drop all their sov but the worry is what it will do to the Stain Wagon in general. Could turn out bad for Sys-K and Coven.

Latro said...

I do love an "everybody wins" kinda story in EvE. As long as the lad doesn't expect such kind piratical treatment from others, he'll chalk the experience as a lesson learned and not an "I hate this big meanie Game" and emoragequit. OTOH, an unscouted T1 hauler going into low-sec just begs to be shwacked.