February 19, 2010

Recreational Therapy

Finally hit low sec for the first time last night in months. I took a few of the Mavs to a little low sec pipe we have camped on and off for a very long time. Apparently in our absence while fighting SPLOT and Goons things have gotten quite carebearish.

Unfortunately for me the people that went with me were both very new and/or out of practice. Of a possible 5 kills (we're talking juicy kills) we manage one. A Drake. We found him ratting in a dead end low sec system, and we all were waiting on the gate for our Cov ops to get a warp in when he jumped right to us. Bascially he fell in our lap. With webs and points he didn't go anywhere after that.

Needless to say I said some choice words on comms and expressed my displeasure with the situation. One Drake? Time to whip these fools into shape. We should have added a Hulk, Brutix, Navy Geddon and possibly an Abaddon to that kill list for the evening. I plan on farming the area a bit more this evening... with luck I will have some better stories to share than fail tackling.

Thank you to those who particapted in my poll sharing your thoughts on Dominion and lag. A couple votes for Dominions lag favoring the attacker, a few for Dominion not favoring either side and the majority voting for Dominion favoring the defender. I appreciate your votes, and welcome you to comment on why you chose your respective votes.

On another note, CrazyKinux has decided to revamp the EVE Online Blog Pak. You can read his article describing his desired changes here. What I need from all of you who do read my blog is a little love. I got the idea to start an EVE blog from the Capsuleer program. I would love nothing more than to be one of the writers included on that list. Check out the above link and leave your feedback on which blogs should be included, and if you should drop a line about this one so be it :)))

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Love the backgroud picture mate, don't worry you will get better with practice, and one less ratting drake in the Universe isn't too much of a hardship in most cases :)

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Well if it was my first time in low sec or something of the like I would chalk it up to experience. But some of the guys there last night know better. I expect better. That and my killmails are fewer and far between these days. The Hulk that made it through the system kinda did it for me. I mean come on... really?? ;)