February 8, 2010

Thoughts on Aurelis' Interview

For those who haven't read it...

Aurelis' Interview

The part I like is that he waffles on several points. Especially the part about -A- helping out during the hacking and disbanding. -A- did help. Its a fact. Yet that point is skimmed over and left untouched. The part where he explains CVA's intentions with the invasion is also very ambiguous. All in all it seemed like he was backpedaling.

Whining about spies was hilarious. Everyone uses spies in EVE. High Sec, Low Sec, Null sec. Its part of the game mechanics. As if CVA doesn't have any intelligence in operation.

My personal favorite was the rant about how Dominion favors the attacker. Ridiculous. Ludacris. With the way the timers are set up, the multiple reinforce timers, and the ability to have it come out (+/- a few hours) in your time zone, there is no way it favors the attacker. Without the Goonswarm lack of funds, it would have been a nightmare establishing a foothold in Delve. 49-U was a bloodbath because the attacker had to jump into system that was defended and the grid loading issues led to slaughters. CVA is losing because they are inadequate. Their ships are not standardized. Their tactics are inferior. Their FCs lack experience. It has NOTHING to do with Dominion favoring the attacker. With a smart command, correct shiptypes and numbers that CVA has already shown it can field, they could very well have defended D-GTMI and the failcascade. Fail tactical decisions caused them to lose those battles. Who warps their capital fleet to a gate? Who chooses to jump into the system they need to be defending instead of having a presence there and logging off at POS's? Who brings battlecruisers and HACs to a snipe bs fight? Obviously -A- doesn't.

My rant is over. Feel free to leave comments, I invite contructive criticism. Please take the poll concerning Dominion as well. I have changed the background as many of you requested, with luck it should be much easier to read now.


Logan Fyreite said...

I completely agree. nuff said

Anonymous said...

Background is much easier on the eyes now!