February 13, 2010

Fittings. They make or break.

Last night we were chasing a Claymore through Fountain. He was with Zenith Affinity, and we hate ZA. He ended up jumping into a neutral gate camp. They killed him and our tackle Crow.

The neutral gang had 2x Drake, 2x Hurricane, 1x Heretic.

We (the gang) weren't far behind. Tengu, 2x Onyx, Drake, Zealot, Arazu, and Hurricane.

Naturally I jumped one Onyx through to get aggro and bubble their fleet. He did just that. Gang jumped in. 5 seconds later Onyx died. It blew my mind but we continued the fight. Second Onyx jumps in and bubbles up. They, of course, primaried Zealot and then Arazu. They both melted. It was slow going but we turned the tide and took both Drakes and a Hurricane.

Looking at the engagement we lost. We held the field but we lost. Upon further review I realized why it was a failcascade experience.

The Onyx was not fit correctly. Not even close. The DPS that gang was putting out could not break our Drake's tank (he was primaried after Zealot and Arazu went down). That told me there was no way our Onyx should have died. At all. Him going down that fast meant they no longer had to decide whether to change primaries once we jumped in (even deciding that and executing that change of target would have taken time) or they would have continued shooting the Onyx. Either way we could have concentrated DPS and dropped one of them before they had a chance to figure it out.

Hictors are supposed to be bullet sponges. Unfortunately he had no rigs (core defence purgers?) only 2 LSEs and damge mods in the lows instead of shield power relays... Sad day.

So guys. If you are going to fly a ship, make sure to fit it correctly. I understand their are variations to ships but you should know their role. Hictors are supposed to tank. Zealots are for DPS. Falcons are for jamming. Etc etc etc. When you deviate from a hulls intended role you will (generally) be a really expensive killmail.

That is all.

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