February 5, 2010

Message to CVA

I recently posted on COAD (which is something I do not do often), in the -A- CVA thread. Its a real shame that a few foolish leaders can destroy a dynasty (full of targets).

"CVA, you should have listened to old friends (whom you cast out and would not let into your fold), when they told you not to anger -A-. I can say with assurity that we are laughing now. At this point, you reap what you sow.

Delve has fallen, your masters have dwindled into nothing. The gamble in siding with Goons was unwise. The stupidity in refusing an offer of peace will prove to be catastrophic. The sad part is that you have so many inexperienced pilots that are going to pay for your snobbish attitude and ignorant belief in Amarr destiny bullsh**. You have proven to be inadequate in fleet warfare. -A- would grind you down without help. But who says they will stand alone? When you sided with Goons you sided against other powers. Do not expect mercy for your stupidity.

-MVN- once worked for you as guns for hire. You snubbed what could have been. In Atlas we poached on your lands. Now we will come take them from you.

To those who live under the "protection" of CVA, leave now. Your masters have let madness overtake reason. Don't let yourselves be consumed in the firestorm that is surging towards you."

The history of Maverick Navy and CVA is not one that is widely known, but the outline is this.

Mavericks used to be the best anti-pirates in the game. We would help CVA hunt down and destroy in Provibloc. When political shifts were mad, Mavericks requested to join CVA and were refused and belittled. Our CEO Avicenna, who still maintains friends within CVA, never forgot what happened. We pirated in Yong and Mamet relentlessly. Recently we have not been in the area due to warfare in Fountain and Delve. What will happen now that our war is ending I cannot say, but we do have extensive experience in the area and great specialization in guerilla tactics (excellent for countering the Proviblob).

For more reading on this conflict I encourage you to read the following:

Kirith Kodachi, who is with Paxton

Brutus Septimius with Ushra'Khan

Wensley with -A- "Rifter Drifter"

EVE Monkey with -A-

Hallan Turrek a Providence Dweller

Those are just a few, I'm sure there are many more out there.


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know - I'm with -A- I originally applied for UK but they didn't turn out to be what I wanted.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

My apologies, corrected.