February 22, 2010

Eye Patch FTW

The past couple of nights have been spent in low sec vactioning from the drudgery of post war 0.0 A few of my fellow Mavs and myself have returned to our old stomping grounds in low sec. Kills have been fairly frequent and, at times, extremely fun.

The first was a Drake we caught as he jumped into system right as we were landing on the gate. He didn't try moving, nor did he aggress. He basically sat there while we pummeled his shields to nothing and then pumped him. He did have the semblance to warp his pod out.

We also got a Harbinger. He jumped through into our waiting embrace, and we suffocated him. He tried to burn back to gate but multiple webs slowed his approach and our firepower destroyed him quite quickly.

We roamed a bit as well. In Kheram we found a pirate looking guy who was KOS poking around the system. Our bait Vexor was put in a belt and sure enough, the Cerberus landed and aggressed immediately. We all jumped into system and warped to our Vexor pilot who was killing the Cerberus quickly. Sad. We landed in time to get in on the killmail and watched helplessly as his pod/bounty warped off. It would have been interesting to see our Vexor solo a Cerberus.

We also killed a Thorax. I picked him up on scan while scouting next door in my Tengu. He jumped into the system our force was camping and they all proceeded to aggress him. Being an intelligent pilot he reapproached and jumped back through. Unfortunately for him I was waiting there. Overheating point and engines I kep up with him as he burned away from gate. Our forces trickled through and began engaging him one my one. It was quite a sight, as he burned away with missiles following. Eventually his ship gave in to the bombardment and down he went.

Final kill of tonight was quite fun. We had just killed a Vexor that jumped in, deployed drones and popped within about 5 seconds. I had to overheat to point the guy so I went next door to repair. After repairing I checked a dead end system next door. It was empty, but on my return jump I found a Maelstrom sitting on the gate. Intrigued I called in the rest of the guys, as he jumped into the dead end system. I jumped in after and watched him dock up. Playing the waiting card I left system and sat on gate cloaked, with my two battleships aligned to the gate from the planet above. We waited patiently... and then bam. There he was. "warp warp warp" I yelled as I tackled him. He immediately yellow boxed me, then aggressed. With 1400 howies, he didn't stand a chance. Now webbed and triple pointed he dropped like a sack of potatoes. His pod also stayed around to say goodbye, and we sent him home compliments of -MVN- pod express.

The wonders of low sec piracy. Great vactioning.

That is all.

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