February 18, 2010

Goon Remnants

Took out a gang last night through Delve core. Thats the only place to find the remains of what was once Goonsarm. A small group of them have formed a corp that lives in the NPC stations there, and had been harassing traffic in NOL and Pr-.

We arrived in NOL and set up a bait ship on the Pr- gate. There were a couple neuts in system and several next door in Pr-. We suspected one of them was in a stealth bomber watching the gate. After a few minutes a Mega was reported on the undock in NOL. This was peculiar because he wouldn't have docking rights and anything could undock at any time. I warped my Tengu in right on top of him, but before I could drop cloak and lock him he warped.

I was a bit agitated at this but hey, he was aligned out. My agitation ended when my bait ship on the gate announced the Mega was landing. I laughed at his stupidity for warping to the gate. "Fleet warp Pr- jump on contact". I had the fleet at a nearby planet full speed aligned to the gate, and it didn't take long for them to arrive.

The Mega had jumped through at that point and my cloaked dictor went through with him and bubbled up. A stealth bomber that had launched a couple volleys at our bait ship warped off, and a Sabre that was with the hostile gang also bailed. We all jumped through and melted that Megathron. The Mega pilot emo trolled in local for a bit, talking about his ship being a bait ship and how he had killed so much more than that. Bottom line is that Mavs came to play, and we won.

On a side note, Atlas has been bringing small gangs through our space. I think it may be time to pay Bobby's Minmitar dump a visit. Not that I like the local scenery or rats... I just want him to emo rage when we gank his carebears.

That is all.

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