January 13, 2010

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

After many months of reading blogs of EVE players, I have decided to start my own. Some of those bloggers have been most enlightening, while others are somewhat monotonous and repetitive. As a member of one of the more active Corps in a more active alliance involved in the largest war in New Eden, I figured I had some good stuff to share with the EVE community.
For those who aren't familiar with nullsec politics, Fountain is on fire. Well maybe not so much at this point, as Sons of Tangra and Pandemic Legion have thrown in the towel. But the past couple months have seen some of the most prolific and costly battles to ever grace the game that is EVE. I'm just a cog in the machine that is IT Alliance, but I take pride in my position and in my corp. We are the Mavericks, a mainly US based corporation in an overwhelming EU Time Zone IT Alliance. I rather like the position we hold in IT, as our operations have to be smart and quick. During the EU prime time we have overwhelming numbers, during US Time Zone the Goons generally have the numerical advantage.

My position is one of PVP orientation. Since my clone was created in New Eden 8 months ago I have been trained for one thing. To kill. Now thats not to say that I was much of a killer early on, I certainly seemed to die more often than kill at the beginning. Moving to 0.0 within 2 weeks of starting this game was a true baptism by fire. I lost quite a bit as I learned the harsh realities of living in a nullsec environment. I joined eve with X.E.N.O. They played Homeworld 2 during its prime, and that is where I joined up with them. After HW2 died I switched to various other games, including Company of Heroes. As that died I looked for a new game, and tried the 2 week trial of EVE. Within those two weeks I was hooked.

We started out in Venal, Deklein as a pet corp of Mostly Harmless and De4iant. OWN Alliance, as it was called, lost favor in the region and was expelled to NPC Space several weeks after my move to 0.0. There OWN slowly died, as corps left and losses mounted. X.E.N.O. ended up leaving and moving to Gallente High Sec looking for a fresh start. Unfotunately it took us a couple months to find a new home. During this time I had trained up to fly battlecruisers quite effectively and found my love for piracy. Unfortunately X.E.N.O. had too many carebears and not enough PVPers. We eventually got a start in Insmother with Veritas Immortalis, a pet alliance of Atlas. Basing out of N7-BIY, we saw moderate action. Then the turning point arrived in my Eve life. A friend of one of X.E.N.O.'s Directors invited us to join the Mavs. A corp of Atlas at the time, it was an opportunity of a life time. I immediately dropped my roles and joined up. Shortly thereafter Veritas was destroyed by Red Alliance, but that was all in the past. I had found my PVP paradise. Between the action with Red Alliance and our vacationing terrorizing CVA and all neutrals in Emsmek and Domain Regions. This was all fine and dandy, but once RA was gone Atlas was... boring. Then we held a vote and made a decision that put Mavs on the line once again. We joined IT.

Sir Molle invited our corp to bolster the weak US Time Zone of IT Alliance. We held a vote and the vast majority of Mavs wished to join that fight. Contrary to Atlas Reports, we gave notice to Bobby Atlas that we were leaving. This didn't stop him from going emo when we did leave, and we have yet to be set blue again. Low even for Bobby Atlas, he trapped quite a bit of assets in Insmother. Thanks to those members of Atlas who helped us get our stuff out. We staged out of Syndicate and hit PLs moons, then launched the full scale invasion of Fountain. It was awesome to take the PNQ system shortly before dominion launched, as it gave us a foothold on the region. I still remember the taunts "you've only got one station, one system". Well as of the time I am writing this we just took our 5th station I belive, in PXF. I can't even count how many systems we have sov in now. I am a little sad at the lessening of targets, but just south of Y-2 lies Delve, and venturing down there generally proves fruitful.

My intetions for this blog are simple, to share the heart pounding moments that make eve what it is. From massive fleet engagements with caps (manage to replace those 4 titans PL?) to small skirmishes to solo PVP, and maybe even the occasional carebearing moment, I want to share those good times with you.

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