January 26, 2010

Payback's a biatch, and she ain't effing for free

Last night Goons dropped sov in approximately 20 systems. Apparently there wasn't enough of a balance in the wallet to keep Sov on all those systems. Goons, believing it would be reversed after downtime one can only assume, did nothing and we steamrolled last night. This steamroller continues today, I just received a notification:

18:36:19 Notify FinFleet has claimed sovereignty in 1-SMEB on behalf of IT Alliance

We can only believe that this is the first in a failcascade of Delve. I can only encourage you to all eat your hearts out on this thread in COAD.

NOL is burning...

Updated as I left for work IT TCU was onlining in NOL, with 10 min left on the timer.

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