January 28, 2010

More fun in Delve

Last night started out bad but ended good. To elaborate, I had clone jumped to a pod in Y-2 to grab another stealth bomber to bring to the fight. On the way to NOL I saw an SOT Viator. I watched him warp off, so I hit his gate first and jumped through. I didn't expect to take him out, but I could try, right? Well somehow I get this guy locked before he cloaks (note, this should have been my first warning bell). So I started lobbing torps at him and man, what a tank (note, this should have been my second warning bell). Then local jumps by 3 SOT and I see gate fire (at this point my warning bell went off). I tried to warp off but the Claw that jumped through had me scrammed and webbed. I managed to damp the Claw but the Heretic that came through dropped a bubble about the same time. Sighing I watched my Manticore pop and took my free ride back to Y-2 (which was 2j away). Upgrading my clone fitting my ship, I dropped a "nice bait Viator" in Y-2 local as the SOT gang passed through.

I grabbed a shuttle and headed down to a station system in Delve to pick up a Falcon (fully fitted and rigged) I bought on firesale for 120 mill. Bringing that back to Y-2 I grabbed a Crow and met up with a small Mav gang roaming around lower Delve. We didn't really find any targets, Goons must have been busy elsewhere (imagine that). So we headed to NOL and joined up with the main fleet. Thats when the fun began.

The fleet we had going on was mainly it with -A- and others also in the mix. It was spread over NOL, Pr-, FW, IDH, YZ9, 319-, and various other systems in the area. It was a giant party, with targets getting tackled and people just moving around to hit them. Being in a fast locker was a definite win last night.

The first kill of the night was a Drake that was tackled a few jumps out of Pr-. It was tanking the light support that had it locked down and was aggressed on a gate. I burned to the target and locked him down with a point and web. The three ceptors and Vaga were tankable.. the Anzac Drake that joined up was not. He was aggressed right up to the end, why he didn't de aggro and jump through to at least attempt to leave... I do not know.

The second kill was simple. "Megathron landing on Pr- gate in NOL.... He jumped!!" I was already in warp halfway through that sentence, along with 14 other people. We landed on gate and waited for him to drop cloak. His oh sh** moment. Finally he dropped cloaked and man, even with two plates and a DCII that Megathron melted.

It got quiet for a little while, so I jumped into FW and down to YZ9 where it was a little less blue. I was sitting on the 319 gate in YZ9 when a Rifter jumped through. We had a dictor on the gate who dropped a bubble. The Rifter burned like crazy but my Crow can go 5k/sec and kept up. I got him webbed, along with another friendly web and he dropped in a heartbeat. The dictor dropped another bubble as he went down, so we got his pod too.

Conveniently enough as I waited for aggression to drop, the call of "Sac in 319 landing on gate." "WHICH GATE!!!?" "He jumped YZ9!!". Well who was there waiting for him? Gate fire... then more gate fire as blues came pouring in. The Sac held cloak for a bit then dropped it and tried to burn to the gate. He was scrammed and triple webbed and dropped rather quickly.

We nailed a Tempest in 319, but the win that night was a Huginn. The Huginn had been zipping around to off gate bookmarks and smacking in local. This Huginn was piloted by Von Kleist, who happens to be in the MN channel. I had tried to burn him out twice but failed, which promted him smacking even more in local. Eventually he tried to jump through a gate that appeared clear, but landed in a camp on the other side. Down went the Huginn.

At this point the Euro boys started a POS bash and I was getting extremely tired. I hit the sack feeling quite content with the day, despite the SOT bait gang.

For a good idea of how things went in Delve overall from non-IT perspectives, here is some recommended reading.

Rifter Drifter flies with -A- and helped us out in Delve as well as dealing with CVA in D-GTMI.

Korath Kodachi flies from the CVA point of view. So far he hasn't given me any useful intel to take down CVA :(((

On a side note I bought my first T3 ship from a Rebellion Alliance member firesaling in NOL. I would like to thank all those selling their ships/items for insane prices in the Delve area. Firesales ftw.

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