January 18, 2010

Spectre Departing

Longtime poster on the EVE Online Blog Pack Spectre http://evenewb.blogspot.com/ is leaving eve... Indefinately. I first started reading his blog on iPhone's Capsuleer program as he was one of the more experienced players to post on there. His humor was also quite entertaining. I am sad that he is leaving the game, not because I ever fought with or against him but because his stories were quite entertaining. Being a 0.0 player with lots of pirating in my background (after two months in fountain ratting my -9.9 is now at -3) it was always nice to hear about spots to go find targets in, and some of his tactics, while ruthless, are extremely amusing. Once our campaing in Delve is finished, I plan on continuing to pirate (vacationing) and excercise his tactics.
In farewell I have decided to write a poem about Spectre and his adventures.

Spectre, Spectre, where will you go
Away from Eve? We will miss you so
No more newbs shall you kill
I guarantee you will miss the thrill
Such stories you told, shall never fade
Is it because you need to get laid?
Whatever the reasons, you'll be back
We all know in local, how much you smack
I'm thinking about starting a pool,
to see how long you'll act a fool
but if you really are done, done and done
we won't shun, even though its a stun
in sorts you won, second to none.
hope you have fun, you'll always be number one

1 comment:

Cipreh said...

Spectre has quit EVE,
noobs are begging for his stuff,
watching them scramble.

Killed me in low sec,
blew up my hurricane too,
was quite a good trap.

A lot of isk lost,
but lots of fun all around,
take care and good luck.

I did not know you,
except your guns business end,
can I have your stuff.