January 17, 2010

Standings Fail

Went on a nice little roam this evening. Since I needed to travel 11 jumps to form up unscouted I hopped into my trusty little stealth bomber. Arriving safely in YZ I joined up with gang. Our group was FCed by a Blast member, and we headed up to play in Outer Ring.

I was scouting for the gang and arrived in 4C. Seeing 17 in local and nothing on scan from the gate I warped to top station at range. Outside was a neutral Claw and Tempest. Shortly after I started watching a Megathron undocked and was immediately aggressed by the two neuts. Shortly thereafter several more neuts showed up on station and together they killed the mega. Seeing a Zealot on field I reported to FC that despite reps from a carrier that had just undocked we could certainly take the Zealot down with alpha. So fleet jumped in and warped to station. I was calling the primary when I heard cursing and confusion. Turns out the primary was blue to everyone in BLAST. Since they made up half the gang this just wouldn't do. So we all disengaged and exited system. Unfortunately for one of my fellow IT Members they popped his Ares. Fail standings. Why BLAST has Vanguard blue... I do not know. Needless to say I passed a message from my CEO to Vanguard in local reminding them of a past carrier they sold to one of our Alts for $600,00 isk. This caused emo raging and some resetting back in the day. Oh well. Gang set destination for Fountain Core and started rolling.

I suppose at this time a BLAST member should have been scouting but as it so happens I was in the point position once again. Half way back to Fountain I saw a neut in system. Since it was a pipe we had a 50/50 shot at getting him on exit. Instructing fleet to hold I held my cloak and waited. It was a 90 AU warp to the outbound gate and I didn't really feel like scanning the system for this guy. After 10 or so seconds I see a new blip on scan... Astarte. Jackpot. A few seconds later this guy lands on gate and jumps. Our dictor has already dropped a bubble and this guy is hosed... right? Wrong. Turns out he is blue to half the camp. FC orders us through and to disengage. Well us IT guys are a little trigger happy at this point so we locked him down and popped him anyways. NBSI. This guy deserved it anyways. Unscouted command ship through 0.0 space with this fit--> Astarte.

So with this little "incident" under our belts FC orders us back to Fountain Core. Reports of hostile Loki camping the gate in KVN with a Sabre are reported in intel so we set up shop next door. Not two min into that camp they both jump in system. Lucky day... or not. Loki has interdiction nullifier and Cov Ops cloak, so he gets out. Sabre burns back to gate and jumps, his armor already toasted from some other battle. At that point we called it quits and turned in for the evening.

Lesson for me next time I FC: make sure your scout links everything in fleet when leading multiple alliances on a roam. Otherwise you may be in for an aggravating outing.

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