January 21, 2010

Escape and Evade Part 1

So being in the USTZ has its disadvantages. One of which is that when you sign on in a hostile system (49-U) at a friendly POS its in the middle of Goon Prime Time. So there I was, floating in a Finfleet POS in 49-u with 200 Goons in local and very, very few blues. I'm sitting there thinking to myself what a waste it is to have my main in a Rokh in this system. The POS is in reinforce and all the guns have been uncapped. Then a Goon Drake shows up on grid. He warps to the POS and sits there, staring at me. I'm just sitting there staring at him. Then, all of a sudden, his engines flare and his speed jumps. Aligned right at me he continues burning. I watch, waiting for the crazy bounce off the POS shields. To my amazement he burns right through the shields and continues coming straight at me. Good old spies gave up the password. I spank my microwarp drive and move out of the way of the Drake that is now burning at me well over 1k/second. I hop on command and get one of my corpmates to contact Finfleet so they can reset the password. Meanwhile, I want out of 49-U so I can go run roams up in Fountain.

A corpmate and myself get our ships ready and I deftly get a scout in position, burning down from Fountain (some 30j). After the scout arrives we warp to outbound and start burning home. Eight jumps out of 49-U I notice a Goon in local who was in a rupture on my way in and followed our scout for a couple jumps. We had passed him two jumps out of 49-U, so the only way he could be in this system was using jump bridges. Which means he was on to us. Sure enough, there he was waiting on the outgate. Our scout jumps through as my Rokh and Kushman's Megathron are landing. The Rupture waited, watching, studying. We jumped through, and so did he. The system was clear except for the Goon Rupture, our scout waiting on the outgate. We dropped cloak and he tackled Kush in his mega. Drones out, short range ammo already loaded, tracking scripts in we locked him up and unloaded. Somewhere a fat lady started singing because local went up by 1, then 2, then 3. I glanced at my laptop and saw the scout pop from an Abbadon on our outgate. Not good. Not knowing what the other ships were in, scout sitting in station I focused on the Rupture which was taking awhile to go down due to small sig radius and transversal. Well into structure he warped off (fleet fit battleships = no tackle) the moment his point dropped of Kush I warped to a planet. Kushman, for some reason unbeknowst to me, warped to the out gate. I started bouncing around the system, which was thankfully quite large. Setting up multiple safes I started bouncing to wait out my aggro timer. Goons, being Goons, started their usual smack in local with "fresh meat" and such spewing prematurely. Kushman landed on gate and jumped through into waiting hostiles which tackled him immediately. Cursing over comms he tried to reapproach but was webbed and scrammed. With his impending destruction I focused on my own survival, boucing safes non stop, while checking for probes. All of a sudden Kush pops up in local. "I made it out in 2% armor baby" I hear. Then some more obscenities relating to a certain Rupture which had apparently been waiting in system for him. "If he's sensor boosted I'm effed" Kush said. Then some cheering, as the the Rupture failed to tackle him. He started bouncing with me bookmarking my safes.

Goons stopped smacking in local (imagine that). After 15 min we both logged, leaving behind our farewells in local. On a side note, Goons didn't have probes out until right before we logged. We were 5 jumps from NOL and it took almost fifteen minutes to get probes out. I logged on the next day and Kush had jumped through to 319, which was NPC Blood Raider space and docked up. He reported intel in system, while I waited patiently in my alt cloaked off the outbound gate. A Heretic sat on gate for over 45 min... I waited patiently. All of a sudden he warped off. I logged in my main, warped and jumped gate and docked up. Whew.

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