January 27, 2010

Bloody Night in Delve

So last night I logged in eagerly after work. I landed next to NOL station (where I had logged off) and sat there for a minute. I was about to watch a movie with someone who doesn't appreciate EVE the way I do so my time was limited. Imagine my surprise when a Rokh undocks from the heavily bubbled undock.

I was in a Manticore at the moment, so I approached to within 65km and decloaked, lighting him up. He started going down quickly, and had for some reason aggressed a different stealth bomber even though the Rokh had no chance to hit him with his rails.

As the Rokh started melting a Purifier zips out of the undock and tries to get out of station range so he can cloak up. I happened to be along his line of travel so I lock him up, point him and spank my MWD so I can keep up. Rokh drops and I turn my torps on him, which of course do little damage. Lucky for me I keep the point active and the Zealot in the gang chewed him to pieces.

At this point I was starting to take RL aggro so I logged off. Three hours later I logged back in and there is a Brick Squad gang outside NOL station. I being an idiot, was not paying attention on login so I cloaked up after landing. I immediately started moving and a Brick Squad Dramiel passed 7,000m away from me in a decloaking attempt. Pucker moment.

Mavs are FCing two gangs at this time, and as the Brick Squad gang moves off I join up with one in J-l led by Casebolt. This turns out to be a dying party and so I move back to a camp led by Sobic, who is turning in the for the night. I switch out for a Crow and take over the camp in Pr- Then begun the feast on Delve.

Its started off slow, with a couple capsules and noobships getting caught in the bubble on the gate. I have one of my dictors sitting in FW cloaked off the gate. He reports a Raven on scan, but not on grid with him. We have covert ops jump in system who dropped probes... nothing. Then I hear "Raven 200km off PR gate!" Immediately the cov ops pilot moved his probes and dropped range... he got it. "Warp to me, go go go" I order everyone to jump, and we warp to the Raven who by this time is bubbled by our FW dictor. He pops, and that fat lady started singing.

Shortly thereafter we had a Tempest land on the PR- gate and attempt to warp out, but our Dictor got him and we came through and dropped him cold. We had foon with what I thought was an interesting fit jump through completely unscouted. With no buffer he instapopped. Perhaps one of the nicest kills of this evening was this Dramiel, which had some very nice loot. He just warped to 0 on the FW gate in PR- and got caught in the bubble. I had him scrammed as soon as he was lockable and the poor guy didn't have a chance. I got the internal force field array... 11 mill by itself. Then there was this Apoc, followed by a Zealot. Then another Typhoon, whos Russian pilot started spamming local after we popped him. He actually had a tank so I didn't do anything but give him the -MVN- Penis in local.

At this point DT hit, and since we had a Scorpion jump in and hold cloak long enough for DT I figured I had to stay awake to pop him. So I slip in and out of sleep during DT and awaken to yelling "The servers coming up!!". Logging on we re form fleet and wait. Scorpion appears on scan but never lands on gate.

At this point the Euro boys are doing an op, in PR- of all places. The POS bash starts and me being light support, well I figure I'll just keep camping the gate. With 150 in system traffic slows so I zip down to 319- and get my Rokh out, which had been stuck there since last week. I get back in system in time to see 20 or so BCs mainly Drakes undock from the PR- station. The bs fleet warps in on them and I got on 3 Drake killmails in my Rokh. Yummy. I switch back to my Crow, about the same time my alt sees a Mega off gate in FW. I undock and book it to the FW gate in PR-. Sure enough he drops down on gate and jumps through. That Mega didn't last long.

At this point its 7am and I am beat. Snowboarding is looking less and less likely since I should have been waking up at this point. I crash with a smile at 23 confirmed kills in a few hours time. There are several more that have yet to appear on killboards (one of which is a Raven). Not bad for a nights work.

For those of you out of touch of reality or the general loop of information, the Goons dropped sov, thought that CCP would reinstate it and got hammered when that didn't happen. Always make sure to pay your bills ladies and gents. If you have auto bill pay make sure your account has sufficent funds. IT now has SOV in every station system Goons dropped (including NOL) and are running wild in the area. Goons have relocated as much of their assets as possible but (appear) to be pulling out.

Update: Killmails from Battleclinic include that Raven, as well as a Tempest and some other ships that weren't on IT Killboard this morning. With all of these added, happy time last night netted 36 kills.


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Could I suggest maybe changing your background and font colors? The current design makes the battle reports and such very difficult to read. :)

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