January 14, 2010


The invasion of Delve kicked off at 18:00 GMT today, Thursday the 14th. Bridging from the remnants of PL space in Fountain to Core, and from there to Hobhib. Moving through low sec we penetrated Delve in 1-SMEB. Approximately 250 Battleships and large numbers of support participated in the initial strikes. I was in a Crow (support is so much more fun) and participated in several kills of enemy support. Sadly these were lemming kills, nothing that got the juices flowing.

I had to go to work (damn the US timezone) but Sir Molle's intentions were clear. "We are going to run ops not for one day, not for two or three days, but until further notice. We don't care about stations or sov in Delve. We are here to hit their (Goons) high end moons. We will hit them all." Tactically speaking it makes sense; Goons have to pay for their numerous (useless) station systems, pay for their sov, and we hit them in the wallet. Sadly I had to head to work, but I am eager to hit up our new Area of Operations tonight and get some kills.

The low sec pipe we headed through to hit 1-SMEB made me salivate a bit... back to my pirating days in Mamet. Gives me some ideas for vacationing once we take Delve. *Grin*

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