January 21, 2010

Escape and Evade Part 2

After docking up in 319 with my Rokh, I decided it was time to have some fun. I have a +4 Clone which had been left behind in Omist (Atlas Space) when we pulled out. Due to Bobby Atlas' Emo Rage and setting IT Alliance Neut, I had left him there. I assumed after Bobby got over his rage he would set us blue. Months later with no blue status, time to have some fun. I clone jumped to QSF and bought a Caracal and some T1 equipment. Not having rights to fitting tool, I undocked and made 5 jumps to Red Overlord Space and fitted up my Caracal. I then started the long trek through Atlas Space, assuming I would die but at least I would have fun and smack some Atlas members in local.

With Atlas deployed further north it was quite lonely for 7 or 8 jumps. I ran into a Dominix, who left me alone (and I left him alone). Other than that it was smooth sailing with a few waves from more moderate Atlas members (not everyone in Atlas is a douche canoe) I headed into Curse, still sailing along. Several jumps out of low sec I ran into a no station system with 40 in local, part of a corp I had never heard of. I quickly decided to reapproach and jump back through. Seeking alternative routes to Empire I decided to go through Doril. With members of the 40 man gang chasing me I started burning to my new destination. The pursuit eventually vanished and once again I was burning through empty 0.0. Is it just me or does no one like Angel Space (I didn't, the rats sucked).

Just a few jumps out of Doril I jumped into a gate camp. They had a Rapier, Dramiel, and random other ships camping a drag bubble 90 off gate. I immediately warped to a random planet at range, and from there to the outbound. Sure enough the Dramiel was waiting for me. I jumped on contact, Dramiel jumped with me. I loaded grid... Dramiel 24 off me. Yeah baby! (for those who are confused, Dramiel usually fits Scram) Sure enough the yellow grid showed up, I had been locked. But no red, I was out of range. I warped to the outbound and didn't look back. Surprisingly, the Doril gate wasn't bubbled or camped. By this time I was seeing AAA Citizens in local, so I was feeling a little better. Due to my massive ratting campaigns I can now venture into some of high sec. I dropped off my caracal, sold it and all the fittings and traveled in my pod to a system one of my RL friends had been running missions in (hes a noob). I was surprised that I actually made it all the way to empire. No kills, but still alive. I bought a Drake, fitted it and ran a couple missions (LVL1, ughhhh). It was strange, I haven't run missions in months. I felt a little bad not being in Fountain for an op, but when I heard the fail scouting dropped 1/4 of our 200 man BS fleet to a drag bubble camped by bombers I felt lucky. I look forward to running a few more missions before clone jumping back to 0.0 and taking out some roams. Several of my corp mates have been getting itchy for some good sporting fights. Me included.

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