January 17, 2010

CCP Failing... Still

"I waited two hours to load grid. Two hours. Barely over 1000 in local and can't handle it. I'm amazed my ship wasn't blown up. You guys need to fix whatever it is that is causing this post Dominion lag. We lost the advantage against the Goons today because of your failures. We moved out of Euro prime time and into US waiting for the stupid system to load and reboot.
Fix your shat.

Thats the petition I sent to CCP during our sort of fight with Goonswarm in 49-U6U. Do I expect anything to happen? No. Just the same old "we will look into it and apologize for inconvenience" bla bla bla. The problem is this is actually jeapordizing some of the opportunities we have. The biggest fight, biggest battle raging in Eve right now and CCP cannot make it doable. If this was how it has always been I would be silent, maybe find another game. But I remember a time called Apocrypha, a time when battles like this were manageable. Yes we reinforced the I-hub, but at what price? Certainly it didn't need to be as high nor take as long as it did. I sat on my character selection screen for 2 hrs, with the bar fully loaded. I even saw the new message indicator pop up with two new messages. I of course assumed that these were my insurance and clone activation messages. When grid loaded and I was still in my Rokh I have to admit to sighing with relief. But it wasn't enough to keep me from cursing CCP for their fail.

After loading grid I managed to participate in the fleet for a short period of time, but at the time I am writing this Goons have (finally) massed a decent fleet and are destroying the Sov Blockade units in system. So our fleet is on standby (for now).

On a happier note Mavs now have our own system fully upgraded. Let the carebearing begin! I don't mind running the plexes myself, but I don't mine. Ever. All carebearing aside though, its nice that we have a place to call home, deep in Fountain. This of course is a temporary residence of sorts; we plan on setting up permanent housing in Delve :)

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