January 16, 2010

Dominion, Lag and You Part 2

Grid did finally load. Somehow I didn't die. Maybe its because I was in a ceptor that aligns and warps quickly. Whatever the reasons may be, many of my brothers in arms weren't so lucky. It appears that all parts are not equal in massive fleet fights that overload nodes... the party in system is much better off than the party entering system. In this case the forces jumping into 49- were picked off one by one as they loaded grid by the hostile forces that were already in system.

Goons ended up losing the fight in the end, but IT Alliance got the shaft trying to help out. This is a game mechanic issue, and one that really sucks. It's forcing changes in the way warfare in 0.0 is conducted; basically, whoever holds the field prior to the battle will hold the field. This sucks for everyone involved, if you are there first great. You will want to turn on SG-1 because you're going to wait a long time, or indefinately since the attackers are either a long way off still or just plain not coming (due to fleet lag issues). I guess what I am trying to say is that 0.0 warfare is going to slow down in all aspects. For a good portion of the population of Eve, this is not cool. I certainly don't pay $15x2 a month to run plexes. I like the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of a massive fleet fight. Right now I would rather watch TV then sit intently staring at a blank starfield until waking up in a station with no implants, no ship and an un-upgraded clone.

Fix your problem.

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