March 2, 2010

Amends to the killboard

After my emo raging earlier I decided to move to my expensive clone in low sec for two reasons. One, I was pissed off at null sec and wanted pew pew. Secondly, I am leaving on a short vacation (as I write this I am sitting in the airport). After attending a sorority party some of my friends were putting on I came back home and got down to business.

As luck would have it Easley logged on about 5 minutes after I did in Yong. Fate? I think not. A dull 30 minutes followed, at which point Easley and I decided to head to Mamet. I put my away my Drake and pulled out the blaster Rokh. Easley grabbed his Domi and off we went. My eyes started down the Kheram pipe when Easley started yelling. I looked up from my laptop at my 42 inch :) and saw a new neut in Biphi with the finishing touches of gate fire coming from the Mamet gate.

We waited patiently for the de cloak. It didn't take long. Nighthawk. We thought for a split second and decided to tackle. We both burned towards the Nighthawk, the Domi reached him first. Webs snaked across space and slowed his approach to the Mamet gate. Tendrils of energy crackled across the void as neutralizers started bleeding his cap. Then I reached optimals with my blasters and my rounds ripped into his shields. My own webs joined Easley's and his approach slowed to barely a crawl. His cap held for 20-30 seconds and then failed. The active tank was finished. He virtually melted once his booster stopped functioning and down went the Nighthawk. I was happy with the faction loot.

The last kill of the evening was a Megathron. We saw him coming in Biphi and stacked on the gate. I had switched out for a sensor boosted Drake at this point, and he had no chance. The Mega jumped into Yong to see a Domi and a Drake sitting on gate. He held cloak as long as possible, and when he de cloaked he just sat there. I immediately pointed him and burned towards his location. Easley did the same, and soon the Megathron was webbed and pointed. His tank was decent but not good enough. As he entered armor a friend of ours landed on the gate with his Apoc and started shooting beams of light from his ship. Lasers, projectiles and missiles slammed into the hull of the Megathron. Yet he still sat there, motionless. Finally at about 33% armor he yellow boxed me and started moving. With the webs he didn't move fast, and right before entering structure he aggressed my Drake. Too late. With a spectacular explosion the Mega blossomed into scrap metal.

With those two kills and a Retriever we popped running un scouted through Yong under my belt I felt a bit better after the days earlier misfortunes.

CVA seems to be in it deep at this point. All night we saw people evacuating ships and modules. We missed a few ships coming through due to scouting for targets, bios, etc. Sys-K has SBUs in R3, and the station comes out of reinforce in 2 days. How the mighty have fallen.

The new station has become quite the hot spot in our neck of Delve. We have started moving in lots of materials to sell on the market, and the few corp members that are into production have gotten their BPOs moved and are churning out ships and modules for the market. We couldn't ask for more, a corner of Delve, our own station in the most powerful alliance in the game. One year ago stuck in Deteroid, who would have thought we would be where we are today. Almost makes me tear up. Almost.

Speaking of Atlas, looks like Atlas is actually moving in to help take out Providence. Those estimates of it taking 70 days to drop Providence may be a bit long now that -A- is not alone. With Sys-K and Atlas taking the fight to Providence you can expect some major headway. The question is who wants the space? I suppose Atlas could always rent it out; they have become the most successful landlords in the game. Whatever ends up happening, I am excited for the outcome.

That is all.

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