March 29, 2010

If you are still under a rock after my last post....

Apparently there are some back room negotiations going on. I doubt the outcome will change.

We have now been war decced (lol) by Morsus Mihi, Majesta Empire (lol), and Wildly Innapropriate (major LOL LOL) in a addition to a couple small groups I've never heard of. The Privateer Allaince war dec is still active. EDIT: Add Razor, TCF and Rage to that list

For those who have no clue why, let me explain how nullsec warfare works.

IT has to be move lots of assets quite a ways to get them staged for action. The Privateer wardec was kinda late to catch mains moving assets through Empire, these current ones are very late. But the point was to disrupt logistics flow. Smart guys (like me) have alts that are moving shit tons of assets through Empire with freighters. It does disrupt our flow, but only a little bit.

For the actual fighting in can help. Some of our areas of operation are in securituy space. Without a wardec, high sec would be unavailable for fighting, and low sec brings GCC (global criminal countdown). The GCC limits shiptypes (no fast tackle or anything that can be instapopped by gate/station guns). With war dec that isn't an issue.

But in all honesty, only the idiots get caught with their pants down in low sec/nullsec with an active wardec going on. Sure enough there are quite a few in IT Alliance (aren't there in every alliance?) but thankfully there are very few Mavs who are getting popped in high sec. I like this because it means I don't have to yell at very many people.

Ironically enough, its times like this that remind me why null sec is safer to me than high sec. Local isn't so full, and you know who your enemies are. In high sec that 1 red in system... well he may have two buddies in logistics giving him reps that I don't know about when I open fire. Also coinsiding with living in 0.0 is that a lot of people (myself included) are not too familiar with high sec warfare mechanics. The small nuances that determine whether CONCORD smiles on your warfare or warps in and pops you aren't fresh in my mind. So I will be jumping back into 0.0 ASAP.

So I guess the message is get a hauler alt. It's invaluable. If you don't have second account spend like a couple days training one on your main. If you are hauling through Empire with even one wardec active you fail. Hard.

That is all.



Latro said...

As a bystander watching the hordes moving through the neighborhood, I'm curious about the goal. All I could pull out of Sir Molle's address was a stated desire for "good fights, which doesn't seem to justify the massive effort. Is there a particular advantage to taking the territory/breaking up NC or are you basically acting just as a larger, "pirate-type" organization, i.e. flying around blowing each other up?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

There is certainly some animosity towards the NC in general. If you understand EVE history the NC is one of the reasons the second great war was lost. They made meager attempts to help PL in the Fountain Campaign. Its for good fights, but its also payback to an entity which has gone untouched and un harassed for far too long. The NC does not qualify as a smaller entity in this engagement. They are massive, and possess a very large supercapital fleet. The NC as a whole outnumbers IT Alliance by quite a bit.