March 23, 2010

You don't need a reason to pew pew

I decided to write my own political update after reading Eve Monkeys NC Viewpoint Political Update. Now this gentleman, who was accepted into the Blog Pak and is now quitting (Open Spot.... needs replacement!), may have lived up there but... In it he states that NC is -A- biggest threat (which I find amusing),  that Goonswarm add to the NC, and that they deserve to win any battle. They may, for the most part, be defensive in nature but they certainly have thrown in their political support when possible.

During the Fountain campaign they often showed up to engagements in support of Pandemic Legion. Now they are giving support to whats left of Goonswarm (who are broke), which is pretty lame. In my opinion they deserve to be hit and hit hard for meddling around while we attempted to regain space. They should have fully deployed or stayed in carebear land. But when an alliance is more concerned with making money and living happy carebear lives, well, 40 some jumps is long ways away for a fight, I guess. Hence why I find the idea of -A- looking at the NC as a threat comical.

He writes that Triumvirate was unable to effectively hit them. Matter of opinion I suppose. Tri had some notable kills, including dropping ten Razor Freighters with sov mods with the Dominion launch, a Morsus Mihi Titan in January along with 33 Dread Kills to 1 Dread Loss in January. In fact they dominated the killboards, for the most part. Overall a 70.5% efficiency for them for their campaign. My point is, Tri has not historically been a large holder of space. They went North looking for good fights, and good fights they got. They were not going to win, they have miniscule numbers compared to the NC. They distracted the NC to some extent while things went on elsewhere in EVE. They were there to run hit and fade ops from NPC 0.0 and have fun while doing it. They did. Did they take NC space? No. Who cares.

NC is one of the longest established coalitions why? The few people that have tried to hit them do so without sufficient resolve and/or numbers. MAX Campaign was mainly BOB pet alliances smashing their heads against a wall of superior numbers and ships. Most other people don't care. No one wants their space. No one cares because for the most part they sit up there isolated from the EVE Universe. The technetium moons they have are nice... thats about it.

The point that is missed is that IF we hit NC... it won't be to take space. It will be to grind them down. Kill their ships. Kill their infrastructure. Beat them down. Good fights. I'm not worried about the NC coming down to hurt me. Aside from the occasional roaming gang they are too lazy. People often forget that its not always about taking space. Its about good fights.

That is all.


Logan Fyreite said...

Man you make some good points!

Back when I was in Insurgency, been a long time ago now. We killed some NC pets up close to MM space and ended up taking on the entire NC for a good 2-4 months. We were tiny in comparison but we were able to hold out for so long because their resolve was poor. They have some very good pilots and in the end they have the numbers advantage but every time the coalition of the north has come under sustained, direct, and equal conflict the NC of the time, hasn't yet happened to this NC, has shattered. I was even in Forsaken Empire years ago and was on the cutting edge of the last time the south came a-knocking with The Five and Veritas along with friends coming up and brutally crushing and ejecting the then powerful NC group.

Things may have changed since then, but there are still the same pilots and the same attitudes at large up there that was their downfall in the first place. Just currently I don't think they have seen a concentrated assault by determined attackers that can come close to matching their cap power or the sov mechanics.

I read somewhere that the NC was going to look to launch a NC vs eve war this April, would like to see that happen.

W0wbagger said...

Speaking as first time commenter, long time reader- get on capsuleer already! This and Nash's blog are a pain as You have to browse them directly on the itouch lol. Was surprised you weren't added to the blogpack but I don't think that's a requirement for capsuleer anyway?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

I would love to be on it, Crazy Kinux makes the calls and Capsuleer has stuck with his blog pak. I think we could throw me into EVE monkeys empty spot, or one of the missioneer or even one of the guys who posts once every two weeks... :) but I don't make the call