March 11, 2010


So one of my readers told me that I need to step down the EVE jargon, as it is harder for some players to understand. Part of me doesn't care, since this blog is about PVP. You should know the jargon if you plan on being succesful. Part of me does sympathize to some extent. So I have decided to compromise; I'm going to keep writing the way I do, but I will parantheses explanation material immediately thereafter as a form of clarification.

EDIT: Heres a link that some may find helpful


Last night we were running some high level plexes for Dark Blood when some fool was reported in intel coming our way. His mistake.

I docked up the Raven and switched out to the Tengu. With very little timing I had a DICTOR ( Interdictor), 2x Apocalypses forming up. I watched him jump out of 5-C, the Mavs home system. I pursued through ZXB and into Y-2 (Fountain). After entering Y-2 he warped to a random planet. I simply warped to the LBGI gate (Y-2 is a pipe system). I cloaked up right off the gate, and had my dictor and 2 bs jump into LBGI and reapproach. Then we waited.

Sure enough, about 2 min later the Myrmidon lands on gate at 0. I immediately de cloak, and before I can even lock him up he jumps. I reported the intel into comms and jumped through myself. At that point we had a Cane join the gang and I had him stay in Y-2 in case the Myrm burned back.

I loaded grid in time to see the Myrm de cloak and started burning to the gate, as the Heretic had him bubbled. Lasers flashed across space and burned into his armor. My missiles impacted as well, blossoming into white and blue explosions. Webs slowed his movement to a near crawl, and I called the Cane into the fight (unfortunately for him he wasn't listening and didn't get on the mail). I thought he may make it back but once he hit structure it was all over for him. His Myrmidon made quite a nice explosion. The pilot also chose to take advantage of our pod express services and we sent him to a waiting clone somewhere else.

At that point we had reports of some neutrals in Fountain, so I formed up an RR BS gang (remote repping battleship). We had a Devoter, Dominix, Scorpion (plated), Armageddon, Vagabond, and Megathron. Quite a nasty little gang, all but the Vagabond and Devoter with rr. For those that don't understand the rr concept, its quite simple. You add all the rr members of your gang to watchlist. When you engage you lock up the member of your gang that is primaried and "all reps on him". You can handle this over comms or using broadcast. Frankly broadcasts and each gangmembers watch list should be all thats needed. With 5 rr all servicing one ship means that one ship is getting massive amounts of repping. It is a very effective tactic for all sizes of gangs.

We headed out, and only a few jumps out from destination learned that the 2x Drake 1x Crow 1x Myrm gang had loggoffski'd (meaning they logged to avoid conflict). Pissed, we headed through Hophib and Sakht looking for pirates, anti-pirates or anything that wasn't blue. Nothing. Heading back down into Delve we had reports of the Tengu/Dominix dual boxing guy again. So we started burning.

The Dominix pilot is Ephemeron. Lots of the Anzac guys hold this guy in some regard but I think he is stupid. He has lost his Dominix already, and had I had a point on my mission Raven or my Tengu with Sisters Combat Probes he would have lost it again to the Maverick Navy. His ship is too slow, cumbersome and he is messing around in IT's backyard. His mids and highs aren't too bad, pretty standard. But in his lows he has all resists and one rep. No buffer. Fail. We discussed this the day he died.

Anyways back to the story. We burned to destination but Anzac couldn't hold/point him down for whatever reason and he warped off to a celestial or something in a dead end system (FDE) and cloaked. I logged off since I had company coming over.

A few hours later I log on, and Easley, Casebolt and myself head out to do a 10/10 Darb Blood mission. On the way out Ephemeron and his Tengu log on in system and land on the outgate. I sit there and look at him, he looks at me. He jumps the Dominix through and logs off. He then logs of the Tengu. If only I had a point. It gets better. Apparently someone got off a shot on the other side (yet no point??) and the Domi logged off with aggression. Fail. Yet they could get no probers in 15 min to scan him. I rolled my eyes and continued to our escalation.

This guy hangs around much longer I am going to kill his Dominix and his Tengu.

That is all.

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Mandrill said...

The jargon and abbreviations can be offputting but I would suggest you point the uninitiated at this:

Its a touch out of date, but many of the standard terms are there. I've an idea to update it at some point (not that I made it to begin with) but I think it may require a community effort.