March 8, 2010

Vacation is Over

Just back back from my vacation. I will, with luck, have some exciting stories to share within a couple days. I have been reading the new blogs added to the blog pak with... dissapointment. All my wormhole news I got from K162. Adding several blogs that talk about the same stuff with less detail = boring. More mission runner carebear blogs... boring. The PVP blogs about Rifters and Caracals and such are exciting at times but mainly... boring. I have to say I am genuinely dissapointed. There are, of course, a few winners as well. I'm glad the carryovers are still there. I find my self skipping right to the established and well written blogs of the past.

My alt is close to flying a Thanatos, on unrelated topics. With the space and construction capabilities of the corp at this point, a Nyx won't be far behind. Some of the others in corp have their eyes set on titans. Won't be too long now.

My sec status is now positive. Which means its time to take care of business.

Looking at training for a Hictor or Dictor next. Not sure which. Dictor would probably be more useful.

Atlas has committed forces to Providence burning, which at this point is old news more than likely. Makes the giant mess in Provi even more FUBAR.

That is all.

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