March 18, 2010

A Roam to Curse

Two nights ago (I neglected to write yeterday due to warm day, motorcycle, soccer and partying) Easley and myself headed to Curse for pew pew and good times. He may have also needed to pick up some modules that had been there for a very long time.

I was in a Falcon and he was in a Vagabond. We didn't hunt for too long, but it was still fun. We almost popped a Cane on a gate, but due to the lack of DPS he had time to de aggress and jump through. We did find a ratting Ishtar. Easley scanned him down while I waited out of system. He warped in but the Ishtar was warping out. Easley then warped to the belt the Ishtar warped to and landed 100km off. Interestingly enough the Ishtar dropped sentries and lit Easley's Vagabond up (with very little transversal he was vulnerable). Easley warped out and back in at 100km as he was able to spot a celestial in line with the Ishtar. He landed right off the Ishtar and got a tackle. I jumped in and warped to the engagement, permajamming the guy. His Ishtar exploded.

Yesterday I found some time inbetween activites to take out a small gang (7 guys). We had reports of an SOT gang (in cloaky/interceptors, typical) so we formed up a BC heavy gang and moved out. By the time we got there the gang was gone to who knows where. Carson (the industrial POS crazy Captain in Mavs) reported unknown hostiles in BYXF, which was 6 jumps from our current location. We moved as quick as possible to location with me scouting. I found them 2 jumps away from BYXF. I scouted them out, dropped probes and got a %100 hit on the Sabre and... Curse? Not good. I thought for a moment. If I tackled the Sabre that Curse would engage (at this point these noobs had no idea we were next door, no scouts). I also didn't know who these guys were, as they had never been in the area. Before I could make a decision the gang started leaving system. Carson reported them coming back through BYXF, so we gave pursuit. I made sure local cleared before we jumped the gang in, as these were very long warps. I planned to catch them on a short warp when... lemmings jumped through spiking local a bit. The neutrals caught on and my gang soon found themselves burning through dictor bubbles on outgates and ingates. At this point the order to burn was given. We followed them to D4KU, where we ALMOST caught the Sabre on the gate. The guys with webs just couldn't get a lock in time, and my Tengu just isn't fast enough to keep up with and MWDing Sabre. Oddly enough, we had all the neutral gang in local. I threw my HICtor on the outgate to Hophib (if they went low-sec we wouldn't be able to engage with the 0.0 fit ships we had). The Devoter bubbled up... and local dropped like a rock. "Did they go to Hophib?" I asked. "No".


Scout in L-A "Not in here".


Then some random blue in local announced that they came in through a wormhole. I quickly dropped probes and winced at the system map. For those that aren't aware D4KU is the biggest system in Fountain. Its huge. I was proud of myself when I scanned down their wormhole in under 3 minutes. Sister's launcher/probes FTW.

I got on the gate and everyone else stacked up. Jumping through the Class 9 (0.0 to 0.0) wormhole I found myself in.... Syndicate! The system was empty, but checking dotlan I noticed traffic next door. I jumped everyone in through the wormhole. Next door had 7 neutrals... all in the same corp as the intruders! Jackpot. Immediately on scan from the gate was a Drake/Apoc. I dropped probes and got a good hit as well as an anomaly. On a hunch I warped to the anomaly and there they were. Apoc and Drake were 20km off of me. Gears turning, I was about to get a warp in for my HICtor when... just my luck, I landed 1993m off a wreck. Of course I decloaked. The Apoc must have been aligned out already (maybe when I entered local) since he warped instantly. The Drake was too slow, however, and I tackled his trash. Setting up an orbit, I called everyone in and we popped the missioning Drake. We thanked him for the Shadow Serpentis loot and the wormhole in local and left. We burned back home with smiles on our faces. Persistence often pays off. Thought sometimes it may get you all killed too. Needless to say, those guys will probably be a bit quicker to safe up, and a little more hesitant at messing around in my backyard.

That is all.

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