March 9, 2010

A Little Blood to get the Juices Flowing

Last night, as I was winding down and contemplating sleep, we had yet another intrusion. Neutrals seem to think running up the pipe from NOL to Fountain through Maverick Navy Space is safe and smart. As of late it seems that isn't the case. More and more our boys are getting of the carebearing blocks in less than a minute and re shipping for PVP. Or if not able to re ship timely they simply bring ratting ships to the gate as intel reports movement up our pipe. They will then jump into our constellation, and at a system of our choosing, find themselves in a bubble. Some will try and run, others will fight. Either way the road is closed.

Last night we had two neuts (which turned out to be one dual boxing fool) try and make the run. One was in a Dominix, the other was in a Tengu. They jumped into KEE, and got suckered in by Easley on the M2 gate. The Dominix started at Easley, and vice versa. The Dominix blinked and drones, which had been orbiting the Domi, shot out and started hitting Easley. What the Domi pilot didn't know was that Mavericks had formed up in a very short period of time. They came streaming into the system. I showed up in a ratting Raven :) Since I didn't have time to reship, it was all I could muster. The Dominix started de aggressing as soon as local spiked, but we jumped some of the tacklers through while maintaining points on him in KEE. After a minute or so of this standoff he must have realized the futlity of his situation. He put out drones and started hitting the primary tackler in KEE. Everyone who had de aggressed with him plus some new arrivals opened up and the fool melted. He looked to have a decent fit, until you check out his lows. The key when tanking a ship, whether it be shield or armor, is to balance between resists and buffer. If you using a shield tank, get some shield extenders mixed in there. Armor tanked, some plates. are All of one or another is pointless, unless you're doing PVE. As you can tell by the title of this blog PVE is not something I care about. If you can PVP you can PVE without a problem. Vice versa... not true. Anways, a couple of 1600mm RT plates would have probably not saved him, but he would have lasted long enough for me to jump through and get on the killmail. Which is important to a killmail whore like me.

That is all.

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