March 9, 2010

Suicide Ganking

Thank you to everyone who tallied a vote on my poll on high sec ganking. The majority of votes were in favor of don't be an idiot and autopilot, and its ok but needs to have increased penalties. For those that would like an increase in penalties, care to elaborate? We also had one "I don't care". No one voted for a ban. I personally don't mind high sec ganking. In fact I find it enjoyable, sort of like gambling. You can sit outside Jita, or a major pipe, and scan each hauler as it goes by. You will get junk, more junk, semi profitable, junk, and that could go on for an hour. Then you hit jackpot. Some idiot in a hauler with 500 mill, or a bill. You activate weapons, pop it, have your hauler alt scramble to scoop loot and watch as your insured T1 battleship pops. With luck you get a good loot drop, don't have any ninja looters grab that loot. The only crappy part is when Privateer Alliance or other high sec whores get on the concord killmail. Find the right spot on a good pipe and its not an issue; gank on the Jita 4-4 undock and its going to happen. Certainly more exciting than ratting, with a potential for a much higher payout. For those that haven't given it a try, do. Roll the dice and see what ya get.

That is all.

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Kirith Kodachi said...

I picked "needs more penalties" because with the cost of ships and insurance payouts these days, suicide ganking has no cost except sec status hit which is easily repaired. So its like gambling without having to pony up any money. If insurance was not paid out for CONCORD death, I'd have no problem with high sec suicide ganking.