March 1, 2010

When Pets Fail

The last few days have been a haze of roaming and ratting. A few kills but nothing spectacular. The new blog pak was released; unfortunately my name was not among those chosen to be displayed on Capsuleer.

Today I took out a very small gang, 3 Drakes and one Blackbird. Ten jumps into the roam our Blackbird had to logoff, which was unfortunate. We went a good 30 jumps before there was a report of a small gang in YZ on the Z3 gate. Eugen in his Drake split with the rest of us and took the route to YZ that went through Z3. Haakmed and myself took a different path, and jumped into YZ aligned for the Z3 gate. In Z3 there was a BLAST gang of around 20 ships. He was ordering Eugen to hold on the gate, which he was already doing waiting for my orders. The report was of a few hostiles set up on bubbles. In my head I thought perfect, I would be bait and Eugen would tell the waiting BLAST gang to jump in. So I warped to the Z3 gate. Sure enough I got caught in a bubble. The entire Panda Team Gang was sitting in their own bubbles. 2x Apoc, Drake, Cane and Dramiel. I yell at Eugen to get the BLAST gang in here.


Eugen jumps in loyally, while the BLAST gang sits. Does nothing.

My Drake goes down slowly but surely.
Haakmed had thankfully not warped yet. Eugen reapproached gate and gets back through.

I wish I had the chat logs with the BLAST FC. He was an idiot.
It went something like:
Me: Where were you?
Fool: We didn't want to engage them with HACS we would have lost 1 or 2.
Me: Well no duh sherlock thats the whole point. Except I would have been the one going down in my Drake.
Fool: Well they would have just warped off.
Me: Dude. They were in their own bubbles. Thanks for the help GFY.

I may have sprinkled in a bit more colorful metaphors but the point is that I wasted a Drake relying on stupid people who have no concept of what PVP is. They wouldn't have lost a single ship. I don't mind sacrificing a fully insured BC if it means something. When I throw away a ship for no purpose I get very angry.

So folks. When their is an FC who asks for your help, and knows PVP very well. Listen to what he says and does. You will find yourself with a few extra killmails. Also, if you have a 20 man HAC gang grow a pair and engage the 7 hostiles. I know its only 2:1 odds but I think you'll be fine.

That is all.

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Kirith Kodachi said...

I plugged your blog on the Shut Up We're Talking podcast, episode #59. I think you have a good blog going here and you're just starting out. As word spreads you will be on the blogpack in no time.