September 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

Between tests and homework and real life... I actually managed to get on EVE quite a bit this weekend.

But I didn't really spend much time writing about it.

To remember specifics at this point is a bit difficult, sadly enough. Quite a bit has happened over the weekend EVE wise, both on a personal level and on a political level.

Saturday was particularly busy. GE- had fallen to INIT. HED- also fell,  but for some reason we didn't maintain a force in system. So -A- tried to kill the TCU onlining. INIT came to sandwhich them in, and due to great MVN pos gunning and hero bubbles (suicide Sabre for me) INIT landed right on top of them, and our fleet poked its head out of the shield.

INIT left shortly after, although -A- still had good numbers in system. I wasn't getting along too well with the FC at the time (inability to communicate in an effective manner) so I went afk for homework. Turns out -A- left local without a fight. Corp chat had some pretty angry people in it at that point, as we had worked hard to whittle down -A- and they managed to bail out easily.

Two things would have made that easy... eyes on the fleet to report when and where they are aligning and a cloaked dictor in line with their POS on Keberz gate (as Keberz is high sec) and a cloaked dictor in SV5 on the HED- gate. Keberz dictor would bubble up when their fleet aligns. Didn't happen though, and their fleet slipped out, missed opportunity.

Did quite a bit of small gang and soling. Quite a few cloaky kills (Sabre ftw) as well as cyno ships and random stuff coming through.

Politics in the area are completely effed, as PL and Init are blue, the drone region guys are who knows what, IT and INIT are blue, fun times to be honest.

Oh, and I lost my second Sabre yesterday due to being convo'd as I was landing on a drag bubble with a PL Sabre. I was spamming lock button when convo request opened...  Doh! Sabre vs Sabre is a quick fight, and I didn't even finish locking him when I died. He probably laughed. Needless to say, I turned on autoreject after that.

Some roams in the plans for this week, we'll see how it turns out. Oh and props to Evoke for a massive killfest of NC. Although we were fighting recently, I still respect the alliances of DT, CH, and Evoke and have many friends that fly with them.

That is all.

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