September 13, 2010

Easley's Post - Made of Win

The Following Can Be found on Easley Thame's Blog at "I Could Have Taken It Solo" I figured I would post it as I hate clicking links when in capsuleer myself :-)

Homeland Defense :: Worth Taking Seriously

Corporations often allow hostiles to roam their space freely. The common refrain is “if our ratters get caught, they deserve to die.” While this is actually true in my opinion, there is no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities for some easy kills in your own back yard.

The other day, a ratter called out that he was tackled in a Sanctum. Instead of berating him (that comes later) we formed a small gang in a flash (-MVN- are usually on voice comms when in-game) and warped in on the Stain Empire roaming gang with a nice mix of recons and close-range brawlers. They were far off and managed to warp as we came on-grid, but we caught their Curse and Sabre in a bubble on one of the out-gates. The SE gang then made best speed out of Delve.

If you are diligent about forming up counter-gangs and taking out hostiles, you create systems that roamers learn to pass by when they travel in lieu of easier pickings. We will occasionally go so far as to setup sling bubbles or cloak in the belt with a ratter when we know a hostile is inbound, making our busiest systems the most dangerous by far. While it’s impossible to succeed every time, I have noticed some areas of IT space are clearly safer than others.

The one caveat is that, if you are not highly experienced as a corp with small gang pvp, and if you don’t have FCs on who know what to do, trying to save ratters can just make the situation worse. In -MVN- this is rarely an issue, but I wouldn’t encourage any corp to warp ships wildly into a belt to save a single member’s ratting boat. The key is forming a gang (albeit in a hurried manner) and responding properly so that you turn a bad situation into a good one.

It’s also worth chasing down a roamer sometimes, if for no other reason than to prevent them from thinking your space is a soft target. A short while ago, we heard a report about a Sleipnir traveling through Anzac’s constellation. Earlier in the day, the Aussies had some difficulty catching him, so we wanted to be sure he didn’t make it out alive. We got ahead of him and when he jumped into NOL- a nasty surprise awaited him on the gate.

In my opinion, it’s best to make your home systems a nightmare for cloakers, roamers and other hostiles who may wish to visit. You can take the time to yell at your member later and, if they are not very useful to the corp, go ahead and kick them. However, it’s never good to let your disappointment cost you potential kills.

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