September 30, 2010


Couple nights ago I took a fast moving gain up into Catch and into Providence.

In retrospect it was stupid.

We got 24 kills... all frigate hulls (many were T2, but all frig size).

None were in Providence.

I'm not going to go into details... but needless to say there was only one group who formed up rather quickly and gave us a fight (which we couldn't have won or even broken even with, so we had to bail). Important Internet Spaceship League. Thanks guys... wish I had brought heavier ships, but ceptors dictors afs and bombers are horribad against 3 Drakes Cane Cynabal and Onyx.

The rest of the Providence dwellers (CVA included) ran. Even with 20+ in local. I was dissapointed.

CVA was the best. We took a side trip to R3- (near Yong, my happy old dear pirating home). I held gang 2j behind because I was so sick of neutral eyes scouting us and no one wanting to fight. Jumping into R3 I was confronted by a Onyx with bubble up, and a Malestrom/Cyclone combo 70km off the gate.

I held cloak, looked at local (which had several more CVA) and waited to see who would come to whore my "supposed" mail.

No one else. Just the same 3, drones out waiting for my cloak to drop.

"K guys jump in warp to R3 jump on contact. Go go go!"

Fleet started moving, and I prepared to burn back to gate and bubble the Onyx, while making contingency plans in my head. Onyx bubbled down, I figured he was hoping that I would think it was clear and break cloak, at which point he would cycle bubble up (thats what I would do).

Imagine my surprise when Malestrom and Cyclone warped off... at which point I broke cloak and started burning at Onyx (I was 23km off). Unfortunately he warped before I could drop bubble.

So 7 guys scared CVA, who obviously had neutral eyes next door. In small little ships that wouldn't have been able to break an Onyx tank. With two of their own ships in perfect sniping position. It could (if they were smart) been an easy victory for them. But they ran.

We went back to Catch, killed another couple bombers on the way and headed in for the night. None of the kills were epic or worth going into detail on. It was largely unsatisfying.

Funny story... I had 10k of nanite repair paste in my Sabre the entire roam. I meant to bring it to 49-u to sell and have available for me (I overheat lots) but forgot to empty my hold. Thats over 100 mill of repaire paste. In a dictor (aka flying coffin). Scouting. :-)

That is all.

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