September 13, 2010

Hai. I'm still alive...

This last week kicked my face in so far as real life goes. Math test and crap tons of homework. Not so much EVE time.

Combined with the usual frolicking with ladies, I didn't really get on EVE until yesterday. I took the time to take a roam out. I chose Catch as the destination, and set out with a gang of ceptors/Dramiels/AFs and Bombers with a couple dictors and Falcons as support.

We ran up the pipe from 49- without incident, and hit up the hot system of GE-. With 70 in local I was sure we would get a fight (which is why I chose the shiptypes I did, given our fleet size). Sure enough, on station, Scimitar and Tengu. I had gang off grid 500km away, fully aligned.

"Guys, I'm going to get this Tengu aggressed or bring his buddies in. I bet  I die"

So I warped in, orbited, dropped bubble and waited.


"Alright hes not biting. I'm gonna turn my belly up and give him an easy kill"

Closed orbit and dropped web and scram on him. He had to go for this...

He didn't.

But his buddy in a Vagabond that undocked did. Called in the gang, attempted to burn off but I was done for. Didn't get podded though, and that Vagabond died.

Sabre for a Vaga? I'll take it. If only I had gotten on the mail...

Unfortunately for the gang stats, the -A- fleet that was in system (I had known this) dropped on station and we lost a Vagabond. Not sure if he was in a bubble or what, but he ended up dying. I was a bit unhappy, as the point of this gang was to be escapable and dictate engagements.

We moved into Catch. I was in my hero pod... In Hemin I re shipped to a Falcon, and after a short break we moved out towards home. I had a Raptor scout us, and went without incident until we hit U-Q gate in 0SHT. Scout reported dictor on the other side in U-Q... who bubbled. We were jumping 0SHT as this was going on 1j ahead of us. Tengu reported on the gate as well now...

I had our Raptor hold cloak and wanted an X in fleet for the first person that hit that out gate. I had an X in fleet and was about to have that X jump through if the Tengu aggressed. Scout yelled out he was reapproaching and they were shooting. I had tacklers jump through asap and get secondary points.

We tackled the Tengu and started pro bumps to keep him off gate. Despite our crappy DPS we managed to take him down, in large part due to Nemulus and his Vagabond. Our Raptor died... not sure what was going on. He told me later he was sticking around to make sure the Tengu didn't leave. Given the secondary tackle and the bubble he was sitting in... meh.

Republic Fleet Disruptor and Republic Fleet 10MN MWD dropped... which bought the Raptor pilot and myself new ships.

After that juicy kill we moved back home, where I, sadly, continued carebearing. I'm on the way to a Nyx, and getting closer day by day.

We had a carrier move train last night as well. Many corpmates ships were still in 6-C waiting to be moved, so we took several carriers up and back. Without incident, and we managed not to lose any cyno's.


We'll see what this week brings...

That is all.

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Memoocan said...

Great post as always :) I feel you on school kicking faces inside out. It's like professors just find joy in our misery. lol