September 14, 2010

My Bachelor's Throne

I have seen plenty of pictures of people talking about their EVE Setups.... So I figured it was about time I posted my current set up. I have all my electronics in my living room, as its more roomy and ventilated than the bedroom.

Cockpit view.

Turtle beach headset (Xbox and PC) HP Pavilion something with lots of ram and nice video card. I run comms on the laptop as well, allows for quick reference, ts drags etc. Xbox for those boring times, N64 for party time (Mario Kart & Super Smash Bro = Win). Water is good for the soul, and yes that is a snowboard. This year isn't looking too good, I refuse to by a pass because my schoolwork will go to hell if I do.

Large flat panel LCD. Xbox, N64, Antec tower with fiber optic and HDMI outs on the vid card. 5.1 Surround sound blasts music while I pew pew (hence the reason to run comms on the laptop).

This is all in a decent sized living room with vaulted ceiling. Two windows on the right and the kitchen nearby to the left. Love sac right next to the couch for movie times (game on).


Benicio@BrisVegas said...

A room that desperately needs a woman's touch if ever I saw one.

I can see it's not just your blog layout that is an eye sore ;)

Cohen said...

I got a 42" tv in the living room, not sure if i should use that for eve instead of my 21". you probably have to sit further back with the tv yeah? So how is it for seeing the small writing / icons?

fly safe,
Serenity one