September 21, 2010

Shooting Sov Units = Bleeding Eyes

Last night I got back from class and logged into EVE. Apparently there was an op to put the CZK- station (in Catch) into second reinforce, and there was no USTZ FC for it. I wasn't doing anything so I was like, sure, I got it.

So I started playing some HALO Reach when IRC spat out some interesting info. -A- had dropped an SBU in HED-.

No backup fleet, and eyes in staging systems showed no form up for -A- either. So... I guess it was dropped for shits n giggles?

Due to the timer for onlining, I formed up fleet early and got as many in as I could. We had about two hours to kill it before it onlined. 10 million shield, 10 million armor and 1 million structure hitpoints with 50% resists across the board.

We moved out about 1.5 hrs before online time from 49-, and stopped couple times on the way to HED- to let stragglers catch up, as I needed the numbers. On the way there a rear scout reported a WN Scorpion coming in from GE- to the pipe in the same direction of travel as us.

So in U-Q I had fleet reapproach, with a couple tacklers in the prior system. They missed tackle on the in gate, and the tacklers on the out gate pushed him through.

Right into the fleet.

He blew up really fast. Scorpion.

PL had a few cloaky camps on the way but wouldn't be suckered into engaging, so we moved on to WD- and held on the SV5 gate while I scouted out HED-.

I cross jumped somebody leaving HED- into SV5, but kept on to get a warp in on the SBU. As I was doing so, Dienekes reported a Dramiel jumping into WD-, same guy I had cross jumped. He jumped into WD- and waited session timer. I made sure NOBODY aggressed (I'm sure a few did) because he did what? Oh, of course! He reapproached and jumped back into SV5. So did most of the fleet :)

Problem for this guy was.... as he reapproached in SV5, he bounced off the gate. Hard. As a result, he died.

Dramiels fit was shit. There is absolutely no reason to not dual prop fit. It will save you. Salvager in the high? Please. Missile launcher or nos. No questions. Salvager.... Ugh.

We moved into HED-, started shooting. Init formed up and dropped caps on it as well, helping the process. We took one break to try and smash a PL gang that moved into SV5... but only caught a Maller. PL usually flies cloaky/speedy ships to maximize engagement dictation. Smart, and hard to catch.

We finished off the SBU and moved home. Re shipped to gank BS and went back to CZK- to shoot the station. Init dropped more caps, and we sent it to second reinforce. We had other targets available, but 2am was enough for me and I called it a night.

I really hate shooting POS's. I hate shooting sov units and stations even more. That being said, its necessary stuff.

But it will be offset by fun roams later this week :)

That is all.

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