September 30, 2010

Hot drops = Emo Rage & Tears in Local

Last night I got home from class, was doing some dishes when I noticed intel pick up. Incoming controlled Chaos Gang from Fountain.

I dried off my hands and hopped on comms. Fleet was already starting to form, and I took the reigns. We got carriers on standby and prepared to ambush them.

Initially we were going to hit them on the in gate (from ZXB into 5-C). This quickly turned impossible as the first CC scout entered 5-C local. I had the bait Geddon warp to KEE- @ 10km and sit there looking dumb.

Scout landed (Rapier) and decloaked. Our cloaky Phobos was late, however, and noticed (or should have) the Phobos cloak up under the gate. I waited, wondering if it would work. I was 900km off the gate at a bookmark, and gang had all warped to me and we were full speed aligned KEE-.

Their gang started landing on the Armageddon, and they all aggressed.

Bam, I had Phobos decloak bubble up and cyno up. Gang warped down to gate, but tackling was pretty fail. All we nailed was a Scimitar (I primaried him as he was close and I got scram/web on him) and a Caracal who, for whatever reason, sat 10km off the gate during the engagement while his friends ran.

They all dissapeared from local and we scrambled to get eyes on them... not into KEE-, not backwards into ZXB, I assumed I-E to M-2 which allows them into KEE- and down the pipe.

I was right, they were reported into JP4 a minute later. We got Hom3 in a bait Astarte into JP4, and held everyone on the jump bridge into JP4 (I didn't want to spike local while they were in there). As the last man was leaving JP4 Hom3 jumped to NOL via JB and we all followed him in. Carriers were already in NOL- aligned to the O-I gate (where the fleet would arrive from) and Hom3 set up shop on the gate.

I jumped ahead of gang into NOL- and warped to a nearby moon aligned down to the gate. Scram + Web + Long Point meant I could hold onto a couple targets. I kept gang in JP4 on the jb to keep local count moderate.

After a couple minutes we were starting to wonder if they had gone south to Querious... when the Rapier scout entered NOL-


He cloaked off Hom3, who smacked him in local. Local spiked shortly after, Rapier decloaked, and they all started pounding on Hom3. I warped down and tackled an Arazu (short point + web) and Scimitar. Hom3 was going down fast and carriers were taking awhile to get on field.

I dropped the Arazu solo (my alt with fighters whored on the mail only) and moved onto the Scimitar. Hom3 become more and more frantic, "Guys I'm bleeding structure", "Ok I am going to die... wait a little love there! Need more come on guys!"

My carrier landed and was locking hom3 up with both reppers flashing. My reps hit about the same time as the other carriers, and hom3 went from 10% structure to full armor. The pucker factor was intense.

I was extremely busy dual boxing my carrier and my Cane, so Hom3 called primaries. Their gang was in fast moving ships (as described before) but we knocked down Arazu, Scimitar, Rifter and Vexor. The Rapier, Ishtar and Stabber bailed out.

No losses (barely) and some decent kills. In retrospect I shouldn't have allowed Hom3 to be bait for a couple reasons.

1. T2 Command ships, with a couple exceptions, are mainly active tanked with high resists. This tank becomes marginally diminished when confronted with large amounts of DPS all at once. This lack of buffer leaves him out in the open.

2. He only had one point and no bubble. My Cane would have been a better tackler (although it may have died).

But, we ended up doing alright despite the shortcomings.

Oh, and earlier in the day Staffe O of Godfathers was sneaking around 5-C local with a gang waiting in ZXB-. I knew this, doubt he knew I knew.

Found him sitting on ZXB- gate, after he said something about "too many people to fight" in local. We had like 20 over half were docked afk but whatever.

Me and a Harbinger were on gate, I had Harbinger point him. He, of course, jumped into ZXB-.

I did too. Knowing full well his gang was on the other side.

Sure enough, they were all waiting, drones out etc. I held cloak, with gang landing on the other side. As soon as we were in position I started my approach.

Tanked Cane = Win. They all agressed, and I called fleet in.  Only slow thing on field was... Staffe's Hurricane.

I jumped out, as my tank was almost out of armor hitpoints. But Staffe died.

Rest of his gang (ceptors, bombers and a Rupture) got out except for a Hound. Staffe emo'd in local, about blobs and such... but the bottom line is, he got greedy without eyes in 5-C sat on the gate without aligning out. Slowest ship on the field should always be ready to get out asap.

His salty tears fueled my happiness.

That is all.

That is all.

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