September 7, 2010

I Really Should Sleep More

As the title states, I should probably sleep more. I haven't been cutting down much on EVE, social life is still active and homework is chewing up time.

But hey, when you're having fun, you're having fun.

We took out another Cry Havoc tower last night, on a neo moon. Not the most exciting of scenarios, but we did bring in dreads again. I'm very thankful for Dreads and their pilots, as they make my pos shooting time very short. We were able to drop it in 1 siege cycle, set up the new tower and go home. While setting up the new tower Kaidan of Finfleet found a small camp 2j away. I took gang to our exit gate, set my self and tacklers into the next system (which I was pretty sure had eyes) and sent first the 2x Ceptors and, while they were in warp, 2x hictors to tackle the Harbinger and Hurricane. Hurricane got tackled by Hom3grown, and the Harbinger was tackled by the HICs but started burning off. As tacklers landed I brought gang into adjacent system and had them jump on contact into TXW-....

Cane ended up dying, but the Harbinger burned out of range of the HICtors and Kaidan... providing reps in his scimi... forgot to keep point on Harbinger and he warped. Sad day. But one Hurricane kill for no gang losses was fine with me. We rolled back into Barleguet as tower finished anchoring, and moved next door to get onto a titan for bridge home.

Intel reported a cloaky camp that had been camping the Reb gate in 6-C for a few hrs. 2x Ishtar, Sabre, Falcon, Arazu....

I smelled a drop. I moved my super low SP cyno alt in a Kestrel with cloak to the Reb gate, warping her right into the bubbles and cloaking. I started slowboating (cloaked Kestrel = 40 m/s) towards the gate. Too many blues... started yelling with my main in intel to GTFO the gate. Finally got some response, and blues dissapeared into off grid safes and moons and such.

Waited... patiently. Everyone on the titan, the tower anchored and primary mission accomplished. One bait Drake on the gate... still no biting. I knew they were there.

Then gate fire from Reblier... and... Charon?


In fleet to boot. I laughed. Some ballsy fool had jumped pro bait in.  No way they could resist a freighter kill. Sure enough... decloaked Arazu... then 2x Ishtar and Sabre, lastly Falcon. They were like 50 off of me... but no time to waste. I decloaked Kestrel and started burning at them. Charon was now getting hit, and despite its massive hitpoints I didn't want the situation to turn south, so I popped cyno and brought everyone in.

Immediately I had PK in system, and burned right at the Falcon with my Manticore and hero point. Another 40 ships came in with me :)

Due to the range of the cyno, the only thing that got killed was the Falcon. The gang was obviously in a position to bail if things went south for them (they were operating in the main staging system of IT, usually 70+ in local). So one Falcon down... I was happy.

Took a small roam out after that, attempted to drop Mukk and his CH gang. On the way back, I sent in a bait Drake, once again to the exit gate and let him get pulled into the bubbles. As he was landing I was in warp in my Sabre to the gate. Sure enough, same gang tackled our bait Drake... and they had replaced their Falcon! I landed and immediately burned out the Falcon (as he was the closest) I bubbled him and put scram web and guns on him... but he jammed me up. So I kept a close orbit (1k) to keep him from cloaking and prayed my shields would hold as gang was in warp to the gate (70AU warp from 6-E gate). Ishtars dron'es were eating me alive, but Ishtars disappeared as gang showed up on scan. Falcon was screwed... even though I couldn't point him or shoot him, he couldn't get away due to bubbles and close orbit. Gang landed and his Falcon went pop.

Gang disbanded, as I was getting loopy tired. I sat in station and sorted corp crap and political bull for a bit, grabbed a snack. Not long after the same guys in 6-C were at it again. They had another Falcon too...

So I warped to the gate in Sabre and cloaked.

And waited....

Not for long. 2x Ishtar warped in at 80km off of me and cloaked. I started slowboating...

Arazu and Falcon was surely on field (cov ops cloak = warp while cloaked, unlike Ishtar). Sabre may or may not have been. After about 10 minutes Argentina (RKK CEO) warped to the gate and started shooting the bubbles. In FCIT he was pissed about people leaving bubbles up, as enemy was using them. So he started shooting. As we had cycled several bait ships into Reblier with no biting, I figured this would work as Manticore + Arazu = Manticore insta-dead.

Sure enough, Arazu decloaks with the long point. Easily a solo kill, the Ishtars decloaked to whore on the mail too.

And I was 24km off of them. Done, done and done. I decloaked and kicked MWD on. Sabre at 2.5 km/s and I burned right between the Ishtars, crapping a bubble. Gang in Reblier at holding point aligned warped down to gate and jumped. Easley in his Arazu got double points, one Ishtar scrammed other pointed. Scrammed Ishtar was primary, pointed was secondary and burning like crazy. Gang started melting first Ishtar, second was being held only by Easley's overheated point. I tried to burn back in to grab scram and web on the Ishtar (I had to burn off in armor, the Warrior IIs ripping me apart) at 27kms he warped... fail. Argentina did lose his Manticore... but such is life :)

But, all in all, 2x Falcon and an Ishtar kill from that camp. I knew I hit a nerve when the Ishtar pilot started posting killmail stats in local. I don't doubt they killed quite a few IT and allies. They were camping a gate picking off easy targets. Huge alliances are cake to cherry pick from. But... the point of that kind of gang is to kill easy targets and take no losses. If you are losing about the same as you are killing, your camp sucks. You shouldn't be losing ANY ships. Every one of those losses they took... EVERY one, could have been avoided if they had been aligned out. Ishtars had a precious 3-5 seconds before I bubbled them. Falcon's had way more time, yet stayed on field while tacklers burned right at them. Whenever you are operating in a hostile environment, you have to assume there are more people in the play then the one target (bait?) that you see. Almost a half bill isk pissed away in 2 hrs. Not pro.

That is all.

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