September 1, 2010

Losses... but worth it.

Last night I was only on for about 2 hrs... I ended up getting homework done (yay!) and taking this new girl out for a ride (I also found out she has an Xbox360 and plays MW2 on live, how chill is that?!?).

In the time that I was playing, I joined up a gang FC'd by Smoke AU. You may remember him as one of the pro scouts I used in the Pure Blind campaign. Small stuff, we ended up trapping a small Cry Havoc gang in MHC-.

Waiting on the F67E gate, which I assumed was their direction of travel, a random Pilgrim jumped into MHC-. He was in a hictor bubble from one of the blues, and I burned him out dropping another bubble so he was stuck. Decloaked and popped, -1 Pilgrim. Not 30 seconds later a Helios came in. Same trick, -1 Helios.

After 10 minutes of yelling at blues to GTFO of the system (as the CH guys had safed up) we sent in a prober and myself in a cloaky Sabre. After a few failed 100% warp ins... the Falcon called out a Drake on comms. Immediately I warped to him at 0... less than a 1AU warp!

As I landed, I hammered the bubble button with my mouse... finally a warp disruption probe dropped and the Drake was stuck.

He immediately started burning off but scram/web = win (until your dictor dies). I called gang in the moment my bubble dropped and they were in warp to me when the Drake's first volley of missiles hammered my Sabre to 1/2 shields.

"Where the hell is my Falcon dammit!" I yelled on comms.

"He's jammed, he's jammed" said the Falcon. Unfortunately for me, he launched a flight of drones before being jammed, which made me nervous. My nervousness changed to fear when no damage showed up, but my lock on the Drake dropped...


and he was burning out of bubble fast.

"Call points on land, I'm jammed and hes almost out of the bubble!"

"point point point, you can get out!" said someone in fleet.

"I'm good, hes permajammed, almost got away is all"

Down the Drake went. Lesson... if you're bouncing safes, keep bouncing. Especially when probes are still out. Sitting in one spot isn't smart, sitting in one spot not aligned is retarded.

The rest of their gang ended up jumping into F67E... and reports were that more Cry Havoc were joining the fight. I ended up on the F67E gate with a Maelstrom who was more than likely bait (and their FC). For some reason a gang member in a Harbinger landed with me (without orders from Smoke) so I told him to aggress the Maelstrom.

So he did. But didn't move. Or align. Or do anything.

For those who have not encountered (or fly) Minmitar... Artillery wrecks. Especially with no transversal. I screamed at the guy to start moving his ship at least, and to align off.

Too late... local spike like crazy and he was already going down. About 10 Cry Havoc started breaking jump cloak on the gate. So I bubbled and burned off... easily escaping.

Until my attempts to pop a Crow chasing me bit me in the ass. How you ask? I'm sure everyone has done this at some point in time, but hammering my lock button also caused me to approach the CH fleet. Normally not too bad, but they had an Arazu. The moment my MWD turned off, I was toast.

I managed to get the pod out... sad but not too sad I reshipped in 6-C. I officially took gang from Smoke (he was okay with this) and told them to get into BC and logistics. Had we been in heavier ships than ceptors and afs we would have taken them then and there... but there gang would have cooked ours the way compositions stood.

After 15 minutes with fail IT members warping right into the CH camp (who had, by this time, moved onto 6-C gate in 6-E) and giving free kills, we started undocking. Decent logistics and good composition warped to Psyco's Erebus... and I set out in my awesome cyno Drake. The CH gang had moved down the pipe towards Orvolle... nowhere to be found. After 20 minutes we started losing gang members to boredom, so I told Cardking to take the gang out (as I had homework and that girl coming over).

I was heading back and hit FD-MLJ when I saw CH in local, familiar names, then all dissapear. I first went PF-... empty. Burned back to gate, headed up the pipe towards home. Intel started reporting them again in MHC- and then 6-E on 6-C. With the kills they were getting... I can't blame them.

I smacked MVN Command and got PG back online with his titan. Fleet warped back to titan and moved in bridge range as I entered 6-E. Sure enough, local was filled (about 12) with Cry Havoc.

I warped to the gate at 10km... and started burning towards it (like a noob) with no MWD. Vaga tackled... but the rest of their fleet hung off about 50km.


Too far to spring trap. So I played the stupid noob card further as I approached jump range. I aggressed the Dramiel that had joined the tackling.


CH gang started moving in and opened up... but not close enough to point. My shields started buckling, but I held on.

Then the Maelstrom piloted by MukkBarovian (who had been reported as their FC) was there with me. Not sure if he jumped in or warped in, but suddenly he was there.

I pointed him, popped cyno and brought in the gang. Reps were too late in coming... and my Drake went down. Sadly, nothing else in their gang was caught. Had I popped 10 seconds earlier I would have lived, but I needed to make sure that Maelstrom wouldn't get away. Hero tackler baby.

But the Maelstrom was worth it. Well worth it. Still waiting on someone to contract me that Shadow Serpentis Warp Scrambler.... we'll see if I get it.

I called it at this point... 2x losses in one day is bad enough, and I had things to do.

Card took out the gang on a roam and got 2 good fights; one with TEST and the other with Wildly Innapropriate. Both were decisive victories, with very few losses for many kills. Congrats.

MVN FCs are starting to shine again, with Easley, Cardking, Hom3 and myself doing lots of alliance ops. Agro, Cypress, Titus are doing the corp thing (for now). Its good to see.

That is all.

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