September 27, 2010

Wormhole What?

So on Friday night, I hopped on EVE for a little bit of pew pew. Little bit because I had a test on Saturday morning (ew).

Apparently some neuts were hopping in and out of S-6, which is a dead end constellation. Funny thing was, they weren't coming into 5-CQDA, the adjacent system. Immediately I figured wormhole, and we got Saber6 in (hes an excellent prober).

He found the wormhole in about 2 minutes, and we stacked up on the entrance. Cloaky went in, reported Hurricane on either side. I sent in a ship to either tackle or force him into our system, but he warped off.

Sent in Sandwich in a Cov Ops and we found their POS. 2x Canes, one was in the POS the other was... 150km off. Oh, and the POS was unarmed.


Sandwhich slowboated into position, and I jumped into the wormhole in my gank Cane. Scram + web + 24km point fit.

Warped to Sandwhich @ 10km and landed right next to the Cane, who wasn't aligned. Bam.

I started on him, hoping his buddy would come out. His shield dropped fast, I figured he was armor tanked. When his armor melted fast, I held DPS and called the gang in, as it seemed his buddy was going to stay inside the pos.

When people started landing I instructed everyone to hold DPS... and yet he still was going down. I figured out (finally) that my Warrior IIs were killing him... lol

Finally everyone was on the mail and we finished the Hurricane off. Looking at his fit... I was sad.

The pos, interestingly enough, was at half shields. Either A. it was reinforced and hadn't been repped or B. Just was onlined.

SO we switched out to bombers (bs wouldn't fit through the womrhole entrance) and reinforced the POS. We didn't know if it would go reinforced (if it was stronted) and when it did we were a little sad. But it didn't take long, so no sweat.

This was my break from studying... and I went back to the books afterwards.

That is all.

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Jake said...

Eve is a small world after all.

Me and my friends found a small, unarmed, POS in reinforced mode in an adjoining C1 late Friday night with a lone cane sitting in its shields. I just looked up the system name from the cane you killed and matched it with my bookmarks. Its the same system. We also could not entice the can out of his shields and eventually he logged off. The tower came out of reinforced mode about an hour after we found it and we started pounding on it. But as only two out of the four of us could fly bombers it was going to take a couple hours to finish it off so we just went to bed as it was already 3am.