September 28, 2010

Daredevil Down!

Got home from a night of riding to find an op ending, one in which we took a station. Dienekes had found a potential target, so I grabbed yet another Sabre (I lose those lots) and started towards 49-U.

When I hit NOL- I noticed a target in local, who shortly dissapeared. On a whim I jump bridged back to JP4 and started up towards NOL via gates. When I hit D-W I noticed a neut in local (not the same guy) So I reapproached and waited.

Daredevil on scan.


Local bumps one more, same corp.


Daredevil lands, Flycatcher on scan. Interesting. I could demolish the Flycatcher, but the Daredevil could demolish me.

As the Flycatcher landed, he aggressed. I jumped through and waited session, Daredevil followed. Reapproaching, he aggressed and I jumped back into the Flycatcher. Daredevil hit hard, had me at 50% shields... not allowing me to safely take on the Flycatcher.

I bounced back and forth for a good 5 minutes. Meanwhile Dienekes was burning up from 49-U in a Scimitar.

I ended up disengaging as things got a little sketch. I tried to sucker them towards NOL-, but they ended up continuing on their original course towards Fountain.

I had held them up just enough, however, and Dienekes and I jumped into I-E and then to 5-C ahead of the two former Atlas guys.

First whim was to sit on KEE- and wait. Upon jumping into 5-C and seeing empty local, however, I decided to be more sneaky. I warped to ZXB- at 30km, with Dienekes warping at 0km. Plan was to put me in a position to make tackle and keep DK safe while he repped me. I also jumped my alt into system and assigned fighters.

Sure enough, after about 2 minutes of waiting local bumped by two neuts. Immediately I bubbled up and waited.

First, Flycatcher appeared on scan. He landed barely touching the bubble (the smaller the ship, the less they fall into the bubble on warp in. Pods and shuttles usually land outside the bubble in fact). I started locking, and cursed as he warped off. My Sabre had a cloak on it and it cost me, and single bubble had yet to cycle.

Daredevil was on scan at this point, despite my worries that his buddy would notice the Scimitar on the gate. Daredevil landed 4km off of me, and luckily I had a bubble ready. He had yellow boxed me prior to bubbling him, perhaps he would have fought. Regardless, I bubbled the Daredevil, which allowed me to finish locking and drop a point and web on him. Unfortunately I was not scram fit... but it didn't matter as he kept a tight orbit and started hitting me hard (Neutron Blaster IIs, very very short range on frig size, but good damage). Dienekes saved me with reps, and the Daredevil started to take damage. Fighters weren't able to track him, so it was my guns that were doing the damage and it was taking forever.

As he hit half shield he started to move away, perhaps realizing this was a bad situation to be in (derpa derpa). I was never going less than half shields and I had started overheating guns to finish this quick. With the web on him he wasn't able to move far. He started webbing me in an attempt to break free, but in doing so he started moving directly away from me.


0km/s transversal meant wrecking shots from my autocannons, and it certainly wrecked him. Down he went.

His pod was on the edge of the bubble... so I popped another one to keep him still until I finished locking. I held him until DK got on the mail, and then we sent him home the quick way.

In local he had one sentence, "Man bad luck"

Dienekes simply wrote back "Nah".

Good planning with good execution made that kill possible. It may have been overconfidence from our previous meeting that led that Daredevil to stick and fight when he should have immediately started burning off when he landed in the bubble.

We warped to the station (I needed to rep overheated mods) and noticed the Flycatcher sitting on it... weird.

33km off and he warped... damn. Warped to empty space... alt-x and moons popped up... bam! 5-1

Warped to 5-1 and he logged.

We sat and waited for almost an hour but he didn't log back in. Oh well, we got the Daredevil. Good stuff. Only 2 kills, but it was a well executed plan with a satisfying ending.

That is all.

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