September 14, 2010

Last Nights Roam

Last night a major alliance roam went down while I was sitting in class. Humourously, the only loss was the FC jumping into Keberz and forgetting he was in high sec. He aggressed a neutral on gate and got Concorded.

To be honest, many 0.0 dwellers have this withdrawal syndrome of sorts. Even on an alt, at first glance while in high sec I either panic due to the number of neutral combat ships around, or salivate at the sight of an Obelisk or Fenrir on gate with me. This lasts all of a half second until I realize that no, I am in high sec and I am not in danger or that target is not killable.

As that alliance gang returned I formed up a much smaller gang to take out, as I needed my dose of pew pew and wasn't able to join the other gang. Not expecting the 50-60 man turnout due to their roam lasting almost 3 hrs, but a few die hard PVPers (and some who had just logged on like myself) showed up and we got a 20 ish man gang to take out.

Shiptypes were nano-bcs and fast crap. Only one Scimitar (grrr) but we moved out.

It was pretty much dead, all the way to Curse. Then through Curse, a ghost town. Only one Stabber which I had my Crow scout tackle (i was on other side of gate in Hurricane, figured he would last long enough for me to get in and tackle. He didn't). Curse... competely dead. Not even a drag bubble in VOL- What is this world coming to?

We jumped back into Catch and headed to GE-. I knew we would get pew pew there... the question is how much? Reports earlier had 70+ in local, a mix of PL and -A-. I brought gang into next door V-3... and jumped my Cane into GE-

Nothing on gate, but was stuck in a large anchored bubble.

Scan was clear except for a Crow and Slicer.

I held cloak and watched local scroll up with mad smack from PL and -A-.... and scanned local list. Sure enough, a mixture of PL and -A-. As my cloak broke I slowboated it back to gate.

Halfway there a Drake landed on the edge of the bubble. Immediate yellow box... then red. No damage... he had just turned on a painter.


Aggression stayed and he burned through the bubble to me. Definately weird. Directional out to 14.4AU was still clear. I refused to aggress and waited.

He convoed me.

"Hi" he said.

I contemplated my options, reporting the situation to fleet members for entertainment.

"Meow" I responded.

"Can you talk so Russian translate can" he said.



"I need leader speak Russian plz"

I didn't respond. He stopped painting me about the same time. It was unfortunate as I had just brought the gang down to the gate and was going to gank him. But instead of burning off out of the bubbles, he approached and sat at 0. I got ready... if he jumped, he was dead. If he started burning off, right as he hit the edge of the bubble I would point and bring in gang with orders to engage while MWDing out of bubble (in case some of the now 80 people in local came to the show). Directional still showed clear.

He jumped.

"He jumped, jumped. No bubble!" I didn't want my gang bubbled if the En Garde Drake had friends coming. I jumped into V-3 and he had already de-cloaked. Wait to soon if he hoped to reapproach, which didn't seem to be on his mind. He started going down fast, and my Cane along with a few others gave him massive bumps off gate. Sure enough, Drake exploded.

I had bubble up for pod, and after that got everyone out of bubble and down to a spot 200km below gate. I hopped back into GE-... maybe get another couple kills. As I jumped in, a Sabre landed on gate. He burned through the bubbles and jumped. I also picked up more incoming ships and jumped back into V-3. I was pissed when I found gang members on gate, in bcs and stuff. I had ordered a bubble for the Sabre, who burned off and cloaked. So now I had gang members in large ship caught in a bubble, with an anchored bubble on the other side with hostiles incoming.

I yelled. And cussed them out. They quickly got off gate.

I sent in the bomber to check out GE-... he reported several hostiles now on gate trying to decloak him, with more ships (in heavier types such as BS) incoming.

Time to leave... we had pissed em off and they had us scouted.

So off we went, heading back to 49-U. As we got close to home, I noticed several neuts in local of FAT-... and my forwards scout noticed the same in 25S. I smelled something cooking.

So I held gang in CNC- and kept scout in 25S. Scout and I had noticed some +1 and -1s from our two systems, same names. So they were active. I held on 25s gate in FAT- and waited.

As I was about to give up and call it... plus one. Scout reported -1 and sure enough, gate fire.

To my surprise a Scimitar decloaked and started burning. I gave chase in my Cane and called a tackler from CNC in, and called scout in as well. Scimitar was fast... and I burned out my MWD chasing him and overheating point. As my tacklers landed he warped. Either to planet V or to CNC- gate. We gave chase, and I picked up a POS on scan, figuring he was there.

Until local dropped and gang yelled "hes here!"

I warped to the gate along with the tacklers and held... waiting for the reapproach. It was unnecessary, due to pro bumps and webs (Rapier FTW!) and the Scimitar died. Scouts were sad they didn't get on mail, but its part of the job. I was chill, as being FC/scout usually means you A. miss out on kills and B. die in a flaming ball of fire. Gang had fun and got a kills and my Hurricane lived... win!

We moved to 49-U and disbanded fleet... two kills for an hour roam was meh... so so. But we had fun!

That is all.

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