January 26, 2011



350 Test and Goons in local chat-self proclaimed champions of spamming local, and PK gets this


Petition Owner


Petition Body


This mail is sent to inform you that your EVE Online account **********, has been suspended in light of EULA violations.

Our END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT and other game policies can be found on this page: http://www.eveonline.com/pnp/

If you feel the ban is not justified or you have something to add to the matter, please reply to this mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

GM Kaliastra
EVE Online Customer Support [/b]

 So.... with 50 people spamming local-mainly test and goons-PK gets a ban. I know the haters that read this blog (why if you hate it so much I don't know) will laugh. But the normal players of the game-I mean for real.

Is it even possible to outspam Goons or Test in local?


Serpentine Logic said...

Is it really for spamming local, or is it a delayed reaction to your TCU stunt?

Bear in mind that IT was the victim of the first extended-downtime threadnaught so for IT members to pull the same stunt is fairly hypocritical and IMO just asking for sanctions.

How long was the ban for?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

reason "spamming local"

email didn't give a length of time

Sard Caid said...

Bummer man.

Best way I can imagine to battle that is just not partake in it. Have you asked them to display the logs, or do you think you deserve it?

I've really enjoyed your battle reporting, hope you keep it up next too all this drama within the alliance.

smg77 said...

You guys shouldn't try to compete with Goon local spam. We are masters of the art and you look ridiculous when you try to keep up.

If it makes you feel any better one Goon out of 350 in local was gagged so he couldn't talk in local for 30 minutes. Sounds like justice was served all around.

Anonymous said...

do you even comment in local?

Parasoja said...

Were you?

My guess, two strikes in a week equals suspension.

d347hm4n said...

Sorry to hear about your ban.

I hope it's not a perma ban. I was really enjoying reading about your exploits.

Unknown said...

Being in numerous Clusterfuck Coalition fleets I know a thing or two about spamming. It used to be matter of FC saying "why is the local so clear?" and then it lights up like a Christmas tree. But that time has passed and people who do ONLY that has arrived.

I was probably there when this happened, altho' in situations when there are over 1'000 people in system, I simply disable local for lag reduction purposes. I'm guessing your guy was spamming along with numerous Gewns/TESTies. And when it might look like we are killing the local completely, in the end it's 50 dudes posting something with a great interval of time. So for the GM it's 50 Clusterfucks "chatting" and 1 IT spamming like there's no tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong, Im actually against mindless idiotic picture and huge text spamming, but you have to look at it from the perspective of person outside, aka GM.

And as always, great reading your blog.
Keep it up dude.

- Ghostwritten

Unknown said...

How many warnings have you gotten? If you got a warning everytime they took down a extended-dt sovereignty object, then the GM could've just been going through the spam-petitions, putting gag orders, and seeing the warnings, escalated you to a ban.

Roman said...

Maybe those 350 Test and Goons also got suspensions? If so good deal. 1 Maverick for 350 of the enemy. Nice hero move.

Unknown said...

Nothing (that you posted here) in the email from GM Kaliastra indicates that you were banned for local spamming. From the information you've given us, you are the only one to mention local spam.

Perhaps there is more correspondence that you have not made your readership privy to. However, if that is the case, you cannot claim publicly that you were banned for local spam without providing the correspondence that informs you of this explicitly.

If there is no correspondence that explicitly says you were banned for spamming local (which would be odd, I've never heard of anyone being any more than gagged & threatened), then I would say it is more likely that you were banned for taking advantage of a known exploit (the SBUs) and don't want to admit it.

Posting an email that said you were banned for (unspecified) EULA violations, and then posting a comment where you say: reason "spamming local" is not proof that you were banned for spamming local.

Panthe Tek said...

NC-fanboy GMs?

I would have to read the local log for myself to have a fact-based opinion, but this seems odd at least.

Looking forward to an update.