January 19, 2011

Who wants carrier kills?

Due to real life and just being busy I haven't had time to post about an awesome roam we had last week.

First off we tussled with 2 fleets at once-an armor hac gang and a shield fleet. We were at range on the 9-V gate in 5-D and they jumped into us. Although together they numbered more than 150 they wouldn't take the fight against my 50 and reapproached and jumped out. http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_related&kll_id=247808

We still took quite a few of them down.

We also managed to snag an Abaddon and Megathron that were too slow warping off next door.

Both gangs ran afterwards.

We moved north and hit up the WI/WTF constellation of 0-C. I jumped in with the Broadsword along with my dictors and bubbled station. 2 min later, as I call gang gang in-an Archon warps to station on the backside (no bubbles up on that side). I curse my luck as he lands at 0... then watch suprisingly as he bounces-hard.

Archon starts floating off station. 5... 10... 15... 20... km off station. I get him focus pointed, gang is already landing and we go to work. A Thanny and Chimera undock to try and help him but they Archon is out of rep range. He drops really fast, and Thanny starts slowboating around the side of the station to give him reps. We jam up the Thanny and keep on the Archon. Then Cardking tells me "dude the Thanny is off station he just smartied my drones". I have gang start bumping the Thanny further off while shooting the Archon.

Archon goes down. Thanny is now primary. By this point another Thanny has joined the Chimera on the undock, both are wisely humping the station. I put all jams on the second Thanny and hit the first Thanny. He drops very quickly. The other two carriers dock up immediately.


We give GFs in local and move on with smiles on our faces.

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