January 1, 2011

Post-Titan Fun

Last night was fun. After taking the titan down we popped a TCU in Querious that some random alliance had dropped. Then we(Cardking and myself) took another snipe hac gang out for lols.

We got a fight right away. A Fidelas Constans gang aggressed a few covert ops run by an RKK guy and we jumped into them. Half their gang got away but we popped those left on field, as well as two that jumped through and got tackled on the other side. Battle report here for 3WE and here for 4-E. 14 Kills for one Eris loss. Then a Rifter gang jumped into us... 25 deaths and no losses. It was a freaking slaughter.

Right after the Rifter fight, a scout catching up caught the Damnation (from the Fidelas gang) burning backwards in the pipe. I hauled gang in and burned toward shim. The Damnation was with a few other leftovers and I jumped right into them, gang 30 seconds behind me. They had aggressed (and bubbled) the Eris pilots pod and were stuck. I waited 10 seconds so gang could catch up, then broke cloak and grabbed Damnation. He started shooting me and gang jumped in as I hit low shield. Scimitars propped me back up and down he went. We also popped a Rupture that got caught too. Damnation had a sisters probe launcher on him.

Off we went to Cloud Ring... running head on into a WI gang which we curb stomped. Battle report here. Jumped right into them, burned off towards sun and the rest is history.

In G8 we got no fights, but did probe out a Prorator 350km below station who was AFK or something. Off we went to Pure Blind. Defense fleets from the opposition were formed, but none materialized and we wasted 30 min camping station hoping for kills.

The only notable kill was a Nighthawk that got caught in a bubble on station... he wasn't happy I guarantee. Nice fit, nice loot drop. Chatted a bit in local with Dengen, a chill pvper, then moved out as it was clear we weren't getting a(nother) fight.

Great night, lots (LOTS) of kills and good execution from fleet members.

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