January 10, 2011

Fun Times and Horrible Mistake

Funny news. First off Easley informed me that CCP Soundwave - aka Stoffer Ninjapirate (a former Goon director before joining CCP) is working on a dev team called "Team Best Friends Forever."

BFF, where have I heard that before! Oh yeah, the NC motto for the last year.

So isn't it amusing that CCP Soundwave announces he has been working with "Team BFF" for a year? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kz_iTDsS00&feature=youtube_gdata

And here he is as a Goon at fanfest - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1sdTzj9iac
TLDR Version -- CCP = NC = Carebear expansions

How about all those R32 technetium moons in the North these days? Prom and Dyspro has never been the same...

Oh and TEST lost this gem: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=8498381

Same guys who always laugh (brag) that they don't have any money etc. etc. etc. Also, ironically enough, all of the NC guys were laughing at "lol Kapelle" who don't do anything.


Anyways, back to business...

Last night I took out a roam earlier in the day so that EUTZ guys could participate. Started off quite nicely.

Attempted to intercept a 30 some odd WI gang that went in to the PXF- constellation. We only caught the tail end which was a bunch of battle haulers... http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50647

The rest of the gang high tailed it home or safed up and logoffski'd, except this Vagabond we snagged http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=50644

Continued heading north-came very close to a Tengu kill but Bundus the fearless tackler broke cloak early to tackle the tengu in the Sanctum and I landed 5km out of long point range. Pop went Bundus in his Manticore and off the Tengu warped.

As we entered Pure Blind with me scouting, I jumped into a system with an enemy gang of about 10-15, Vagas Cynabals fast stuff. My fleet was just entering the previous system. I broke cloak and dropped hictor bubble but the enemy composition jumped through and safed up in the next system. We only managed to pop the two slowest ships in their gang, a Hurricane and Zealot (and those aren't that slow tbh). http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50650

We headed into a dead end constellation in Fade, in search of a fight. Down into Wrecking Shots, whom MVN have history with. Wrecking shots used to live in Delve with MVN, and then left without any real warning-joining the NC. Wasn't the best of departures.

We went all the way to the end of the pipe and started back out. I figured we would get a fight on the way out-little did I know how many they would form up.

In GME- we held, as scout reported close to 100 NC on the other side in C4C waiting for us. BC heavy with lots of Drakes and other random stuff. Didn't seem to organized.

We waited for 15-20 minutes, as their fleet grew to 160 in size (only about 130 on gate). Their FC refused to jump into my 48 man gang. Refused.

No balls.

I warped gang down to the gate, to see if I could force a "false start".

It worked, and their dictor decloaked bubbled and local spike-but only a little.

The result http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50661

9 Kills no losses.


We waited some more... and nothing. The NC were content to sit and wait even with the 3-1 odds and their "nano" BC gang.

So we jumped into them. I immediately lost 2 ships as Scimitars were unable to keep up with the targets. NC were randomly shooting all kinds of stuff. We started to get range, were about 70 off the gate (out of range of all the Drakes and crap that were sitting at 0 on the gate still) and were plinking off light tackle that was chasing us, in the perfect position to start raping the unorganized mess when... I entered warp?


I couldn't believe this. For those that understand snipe hacs... we were in the perfect position. All damage dealers were outranged. Expensive T2 ships and tacklers were chasing us-not damage dealers and easy to kill. They had points on some of our hacs but our hacs were getting reps, and within 30-45 seconds most of the tacklers would be dead and we could start dancing with the slower Drakes and Canes that were stupidly trying to chase. The initial burn out had killed 2, maybe 3 ships, which with facing the 130ish on the gate was superb.

But now I was in warp. Leaving behind 5-6 snipe hacs tackled, no longer with reps to keep them alive. They died.

In warp to a moon that may or may not have a pos.

I made a snap decision. C4C was a pipe-one in gate one out gate. Hostiles were busy nom noming my fleet members who got left behind. As angry as I was and the fleet members were, we had to GTFO.


Most of the losses were MVN.

"Fleet when you land, immediately warp L-C jump on contact"

I jumped on contact with gang. Some gang members, for whatever reason, were slow. They got caught by the pursuing fleet in L-C. Pretty unacceptable as we had plenty of time for the main fleet to get through.

We burned one more jump and aligned off, waiting for jump ins.

They didn't come.

Apparently the enemy fleet was too busy screaming at eachother. Horrible FCing, his fault, no his fault, bla bla bla. General failure and finger pointing.

I guess the few kills they got weren't good enough-they expected to nom nom my entire gang. I don't think they realized that that fleet warp gave them most of their kills and kept them from getting PWNed. But I do agree on one thing. Whoever was in control (?) failed hard as there were obviously no primaries called, as their fire was spread all over the place.

I was still white hot angry though. People that fly with me know that when I am aggravated by stupidity I yell. When I am truly furious I get very quiet. So, in a quiet voice I asked a simple question.

"Who the fuck warped my fleet off the field".


"It was me, it was an accident I hit the warp fleet button".

There it was... the guy in FC position for bonuses, in a panic, warped the fleet out. Instead of just his Scimitar, he warped everyone not tackled off the field, leaving everyone tackled to die.

"I was getting hit hard and had to get out".

Upon further analysis, the BNC member was afterburner fit. No wonder he was hit. While all the other Scimitars were safely ahead of the HACs and out of enemy firing range and repping my damage dealers, he was falling behind with his stupid ass afterburner fit Scimitar taking fire. Panicking he warped... the fleet.

I feel it necessary to mention that not only did I specifically say "MWD Scimis twice", Dienekes mentioned it multiple times and the logi channel specifically states it.

Fail fits kill people. Usually only yourself... but in this case it hammered my fleet.


We were aligning off when I made a decision...

The enemy "defence" (lame ass no ballsack camping) fleet was standing down. No FC, and everyone was going home to continue shooting Guristas. What better time to turn around and hit them again?

So we did. Right back into O-C. They flipped out.

We waited on station while hero build up hour started all over again. They got like 80 in fleet and still no fight. So I warped us to VRH-, jumped on contact and started aligning with dictors at 0. They jumped right into us... BAM. The fight that should have happened actually happened (with half the targets unfortunately) and



Twelve kills-no losses. Half their gang never aggressed and burned back to the gate jumping out. Isn't it sad the people that actually have the balls to shoot die and the cowards are able to jump out and live?

We rolled home, as the roam was approaching 4 hours and Euros needed sleep. I blamed it on the spinning ships in VRH- for almost an hour waiting for the NC FC (if there was one) to jump into us and shoot at us with his (her?) 150 man gang.

Am I mad? Yes. Writing about it re-fired me up. I mean really-fleet warping? I felt horrible for the fleet members that got left behind.

After the fleet got home, the fleet warper got into channel with Dienekes and myself and offered to help pay for the ships lost. You see, snipe hacs aren't sanctioned by IT alliance. The EUTZ guys dictate, and they think that there slow lumbering fleets will work when outnumbered and roaming hostile territory. Knowing this to be not true, I run SHACs instead. But no reimbursement is allowed. So all the members of my gangs contract Cardking or myself the loot after each roam. This loot is sold and put on a cyno alt of mine (that holds no money of mine) or given out in loot form to reimburse losses. Only correctly fit ships lost following orders are reimbursed. So the SHACs with trimarks, or without large shield extenders, etc. are NOT reimbursed. With his isk I was succesfully able to reimburse all the HACs/Scimitars lost (barely) by dipping into funds and loot from prior roams. We usually have little to no losses and last night was horrendous.

It was nice that we turned around and fought the NC again though, and everyone (left) in fleet agreed. Hopefully some of the guys unfamiliar with my fleets realize thats how it is supposed to be run. The fleet warp was the exception.

Apparently some forum posts from the CEO forums were leaked. Interesting stuff, as you can see the internal conflict as ego centric old guard IT guys think that position (political) is more important than results. Gives an idea of why we are in the current position we are. "I will deploy only if I agree with the deployment" is the worst attitude I have ever seen. Coming from a CEO it makes me wonder what the general membership is thinking.

Oh well. Whatever happens will happen. I'm just going to keep making the best of whatever situation I'm in.

That is all.


DO IT said...

Always room in the NC if things go south. :)

I enjoy your blogs even if you are the enemy.

Keep blogging and good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of Clusterfuck Coalition.

That being said, I find your blog posts about roams and your FCing in particular very interesting and often even exciting. However I dislike your biasness in topics related to larger scale conflicts and politics as you clearly do not look at the whole picture.

Being subscribed to over 20 active blogs out there, I think Im in position to say that Aggten is clearly the best blog to read if you are looking for hot battle report/FC stuff.

On the side note, I havent met you on field yet, but I hope I get to counter one of your sniper hac fleets soon, cause by the looks of it, you know sodding well how to manage one. (not a sarcasm)

Keep on roaming, keep on posting.

- Ghostwritten