January 28, 2011

IT Alliance

Being in MVN in IT these days is hard. With X13 and Finfleet not deploying or doing anything for 3 months and then leaving, and now rumours that DICE was simply waiting for a titan to come out of the cooker so they could screw off too.

We have been fighting our tails off during USTZ against overwhelming odds to have the EUTZ do... nothing. Pretty depressing.

6VDT is a joke-sorry NC, but there aren't any assets in that system. We all evacced to Delve about 2 days before. Some random battleships is about it.
The funny part is-NC is going to chestbeat saying they brought down IT.

Funny because the corps in questions had plans to leave months ago. I know its good for propoganda, but IT was starting to crack at the seams 2 months ago. The CEO issues would have cracked with or without a Fountain campaign.

Sad that these corps who think they're hot shit don't even log in anymore. The new alliance formed by Finfleet and X13 made their debut by losing 2 titans and 2 supercarriers in curse :lol:

So they left for "greener" pastures and now the "new" "bob" corps are left holding the bag. Pretty rotten deal-an alliance is a bond where corps look out for each other. In IT its every man for himself, with the exception of some of the smaller corps. STK, NEXE, MVN, and SUITS (whos constellation is being hit in Fountain, and the old corps aside from RKK did fuck all to help them sadly) have been bleeding and fighting constantly.

Its a pretty rotten deal all around. Who knows what the future holds?

EDIT: On behalf of emo'ness, the people in Anzac who have been fighting (BUNDUS! :-) ) have also been doing pretty great too.


Mord Fiddle said...

In fairness, it should be pointed out that it was a former Initiative corp, and neither X13 nor FinFleet, that lost the supercaps. Having said that, not an auspicious beginning.

Leadership issues can fester for a long time and it's been evident from the outside that there were factions in IT pulling in different directions. If Fountain hadn't happened IT might well have muddled along for a while longer without the seams splitting.

Good writeup. Hang in there and stay frosty.

Unknown said...

Future holds PL getting your space back.

But aside from that, the morale cracking in IT is only one of the milestones CF wants to accomplish with this 6vdt invasion and Fountain in general.

Even if we would fail at the first point, and all this effort would do shit nothing to your member's morale, we would try to score other goals.
Take the station and surrounding systems.
Rapecage capfleet. (I honestly will not discuss what has happened with it so far, but it sure looks shady)
Get engagements with you guys, either you trying to escape or attempting to fuck us up when our attention is down.
And most importantly, for me and many others who are not into politics all that much, we do this just "for the lols".

For me it's something new and very interesting. Living in POS in hostile system, being on comms with my friends, guarding every celestial imaginable in system.

Dont take the first line as an insult mate.
I know you or MVN for that matter are not responsible that IT doesnt bring fights.
And Im sure that the best option is for PL hit our systems back home to drive us away from 6vdt without a fight, but..
One can only hope.

Keep up the good work.
- Ghostwritten