January 13, 2011


After yesterdays alliance fiasco I decided to run a Snipe HAC gang to get some semblance of decency out of the evening. Ladyscarlet's comment in FC it prompted me a bit. After the fiasco (nightmare) in 9R4, she said something like "Team Max will have to make killboard green again".


So for 2-3 hours of cloaky camping and maybe 10 kills... and who knows how many losses (last night was several bombers) that was a slap in the face. Not a nice one.

I said screw that shit.

So after 2 hours of cooldown/cleaning/Black Ops I started a gang. Took a long time to get a small gang together (25 people) but we rolled out anyways. We first engaged an armorhac gang which was coordinating with a shield gang (both Northern Coalition).

Basically we bridged to Z-3 and started down the pipe towards Cloud Ring. The AHAC gang was nowhere to be found. A Cov Ops was reporting our movements and following us, so next gate I reapproached and when he came in, we killed him.

Then we jumped into a small TEST gang on small stuff and raped it in good fashion. The AHAC gang was also in system and my scout said nothing on directional scan. So jumping to E-B and killing the small TEST gang was cool until 30 some AHACs landed on the gate. I had fleet burning at the sun full speed but 4 (four) HACs died.

I was livid.

3/4 were fit correctly-I know one or two got webbed hard but the bottom line is that they didn't broadcast for reps. We had 5 Scimitars. Not cool. If you don't broadcast you don't get reps. Most smart people have a hot key for shield broadcast.

So we fought and lost 4 HACs while killing a Deimos and 4 crap ships. I was worried about the lack of bubblers/tacklers but kept us going. They had all jumped out after deagressing... and refused to jump into us. Over 70 people with their two gangs and they wouldn't jump in. Same story different day.

So we went 9R4. Landing on 9R4 gate the enemy gang jumped in... but held on the in gate.

Sweet mother grow a pair. We jumped into 9R4 and reapproached. They warped to 9R4 and held on the other side while we burned off. Wow... same story same day now.

Best Path had a 10 man gang in system with us so I had them come over to our gate. I MWD'd my HACs to the gate at 0 to see what the timid brosefs next door would do.


We burned off the gate and started fighting with the AHACs. The shield fleet was nowhere to be found, just the WI. We had even numbers in this fight, but lack of DPS from our LR HACS combined with 5 Guardians was a bit rough. They couldn't hit us and we couldn't break their tanks. I tried a new tactic in fleet that Dienekes had discussed and bam... Lachesis down. That Lachesis took over 50,000 damage.


Next, Guardian. Bam he went down. At this point they deaggressed and jumped out. We looted field and sat there waiting. Shield gang joined AHAC gang next door.

and we waited...

"OK guys MWD to 0 on gate"

They jumped in again, and we burned off shooting all the light tackle and crap, then dropping anything that moved out towards us. They deaggressed (if they even bothered aggressing). It was quite fun. They didn't want to fight anymore. It was comical. Battle report here. Much better :)

We went back to 6VDT, reformed and hot dropped a small gang camping K8L. One Hurricane and one of the two Onyx's got out. Battle report here.

We then rolled to Cloud Ring. First stop? TEST station in 00TY. Killed this autocannon Typhoon on the way.

Once in 00TY I warped to station and bubbled up. Rattlesnake, and Dominix warped in on other side-Rattlesnake instadocked but Dominix turned around burned off and warped then laughed about it in local.


Dictors landed on station and bubbled the hell out of it. Smack went up in local including "station bubbled". Yet when I bumped local 20 with my HACs two Drakes warped in on the station.


One got out (no interceptors could grab tackle = fail) but the other got caught and died. Even local intel didn't help him.

We stayed on undock and watched a Noctis cruise in 100km off station. He managed to get tackled by one of our ceptors and died to our HAC fire.


Then a carrier undocked and reapproached station-Gallente tower station has a big undock cavity and he moved right up into it. We shot him into low armor within 1 minute and he docked. Bored by this stupid game we left. 3 Kills (dumb losses tbh)

Rolled up towards G8, but it was pretty empty. On the way home I jumped into QXW- and found a Dramiel sitting at 0 on my in gate. I held cloak, then approached pulsed MWD and bubbled up.

Crossing my fingers, I smiled when he jumped instead of burning off. In MJYW- he tried to reapproach. Tried. Dramiel kill here.

In Ei- I found a Jaguar landing on my in gate. Same story as Dramiel-except this guy let me bubble him and approach to scram range. I proceeded to scram him. Instead of jumping he THEN tried to burn off. I called in the HACs. AB fit means not very fast, and after my bubble cycled down (while scram was still on him) I loaded focus point and started MWDing. Broadsword with bubble = slow. Without bubble = fast. I had him half dead by the time gang loaded grid. Jaguar kill here.

As we were pulling repots of a Drake/Abaddon combo were reported. Lachesis got hero tackle and held while our gang burned 3jumps to kill them. Both went down.

Good night except for the first engagement.

Oh, and Manny from Havoc (former -A-)...

"Maverick Navy had a corp meeting and decided to give it till the end of the month. If things don't improve they are out.
~ Take some time and think about what I just said ~
Yea when the Maverick Navy is ready to walk out on you .... wow are there even words for this?"
Hes been so busy running 3 man gangs with whatevers left of Havoc in his former space while simultaneously posting NC ass-kissing posts on Kugu's that he still thinks -MVN- is a small time Atlas corp. Obvious troll is still troll :)
Nice try dooder.

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Chris said...

Hero decloak your scimi got on me, I'm pissed I didn't pop the cyno to give you guys a little scare. :D Good shit MVN.