January 19, 2011

Signature Banner

I'm looking for a new sig banner. I love the modeling that was done for this one:

mainly due to the face on the left side. It was pro.

I loved this one:

Due to the awesome job done on the ship-having it overhang the actual signature.

What I'm looking for now is a combination of those two things with the Tengu replaced by a Nyx :)

Contact me in game if you have any offers/banners/etc.

Whichever one I choose will get a blog entry with samples/fees/etc. (advertising) as well as my testament of excellence (if I choose it its probably really good).


Cohen said...

Im willing to give a crack at it. I havnt done that much work in the past but thats because ive only recently been doing this artwork sort of stuff.

If you have the face that you want in the sig it would help a lot. Maybe you want your characters newly designed face in it?

If you have any images you want in it (including the face) just give me the links to them and Ill get started.

serenity one

Unknown said...

If nobody comes through, let me know and I'll remake it for you Pk